Vox Populi, Vox Dei

So, it’s an era of a cascade of (forced) resignations for African Leaders. It is a refreshing wind of change indeed.

Africa is well known for ‘sit-tightism’ – blessed (cursed? ) with leaders not wanting to relinquish power easily, unless force to do so either by death (natural or assisted), or through political pressure.

They are many of this avaricious leaders, some of which are:

-Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea. …
-Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
-Paul Biya of Cameroon.
-Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo.
-Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda

Even our own Sani Abacha only got a red card through divine intervention – death, while Former President Obasanjo tried to smuggle himself a third term, during his ‘Second Civilian Coming’

It is said that,

Evil Continues When Good People Stand Aside And Do Nothing.

We can also paraphrase and say,

Bad Leaders Get To, And Continue In Power Only Because The Citizens Permit It.

Someone says,

Africa’s Renaissance Is Imminent!

Let The Wind Of Change Continue To Blow Away Bad Leadership.

Good ululation.

The majority of African countries surely need great (not just good) leaders to pull us out of our general backwardness / retrogresiveness (compared to the rest of the civilized world) .


While those bad leaders get blown away, let the bad followers also turn new leaves.

Bad followers can only throw up horrible leaders since leaders are selected from the pool of followers! !

Didn’t we say that Finger Pointing Is The Beginning Of Corruption?

In very recent times, there have been three African leaders who (were forced to) resigned.

First it was Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who was the leader of his country since its independence in 1980. He finally relinquished his stranglehold on power late 2017.

Then Jacob Zuma of South Africa also resigned after serving as the fourth President of South Africa from the 2009 until February 2018. He was compelled to take a hike after presiding over a Presidency riddled with innumerable financial and other malfeasance.

Quickly following on the heels of Jacob Zuma is the Resignation Of Hailemariam Desalegn as Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Coming back home to Nigeria, the relinquishing of power by former President Goodluck Jonathan was uncommon in the history of Nigeria.
incumbents generally do not lose elections!

We could then also say citizens people forced GEJ out. The usual thing is for an incumbent President to ‘win’ an election in Nigeria.

It is hoped that these occurrences portend better days ahead for Africa.

When we get to a stage where power truly belong to the people and they can always force out unpopular leaders, African leaders would shed the toga of impunity – which has almost been the case in most parts of the Dark Continent.

And then we can begin to to experience real progress in Africa.

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