The Dilemma of Being a Nigerian Phone User

So, I made a call this morning on AirTel Nigeria for 254 seconds. I am on a Tariff Plan that charges me 11k/s. I therefore got a shock when I was charged over 40k/second for this call! Now, something like this happened about three weeks ago, on this same line and I complained on Twitter to the AirTel handle.

What I did then was to resubscribe to the plan that charges 11k/s, make a call, and ensure I was being charged correctly.

Now this.

It would appear that AirTel randomly changes my subscription on its own, and I wouldn’t know of this fraud until I make a call, and get a shock. This is plain theft.

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Now, Airtel is already known to pilfer data mercilessly. So, I dumped their data services for a more reasonable network.

In anger, I pulled out my MTN SIM, loaded some credit, swearing to myself that I am done with Airtel, for good this time around, despite its being my primary line.

This turned out to be like jumping from fry pan to fire.


Shortly after making some voice calls, I suddenly got an SMS:

Yello, you have successfully subscribed to MTN BackUp at N50. Your next automatic backup will be in 2weeks. To Opt-out, send STOP to 307

Now, MTN has just robbed me of my hard earned N50, as I did not subscribe to anything. The MTN SiM is not even something I use often.

Now, I am totally pissed off with all these brazen robbery, and it is hoped NCC and other statutory bodies would do something. Clearly the heavy fines being imposed on these telecoms companies do not seem to be deterring them in the least.

2 comments for “The Dilemma of Being a Nigerian Phone User

  1. March 27, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Does NCC have twitter and facebook accounts? It would be nice and faster sending complaints to these. Or if they have a complaint dedicated line one can call or send texts to.

  2. Eye_bee_kay the out of the ordinary. o
    June 7, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    I just got… Hello, your subscription for the Mobile Magazine service was successful.The service costs N50/5 days.For how to unsubscribe,text HELP to 6786

    That’s from Etisalat.

    I never subscribed to any such service!!

    How can I be forcefully subscribed to a service I know nothing about.?

    Then you go ahead and deducty my money. Plain theft.

    I wonder what NCC is there for if they can not stop all these stealing.!

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