So, somebody posts this article, We Will Lose The Battle Against HIV Without LGBT Decriminalisation And someone swiftly responded, with the attendant to and fro , ding-dong conversation. This blog post does not make too much sense to me o. The only area I agree with is for society not to stigmatize People Living With AIDS (PLVA.). But.. You want to DECRIMINALIZE a lifestyle that Endangers The physical and social wellbeing of people? So that the risky behaviour of prostitution and homosexuality can proliferate, and incidences of HIV/AIDS can get even more rampant and keep expanding even more? Isn’t it said that prevention is better than cure? Why not focus on prevention (criminalizing weirdos’ behavior, and discouraging such aberrant behavior), rather than canvassing for acceptance of what you even rarely see in the forests among animals? It is written, God created them, and male and female.he made them!!

Oga, there are matters your Bible will NEVER allow you to understand unless you dump it in one corner and apply your God given common sense. Read the article again and follow all the links in said article. Maybe you’d understand a little bit about the message the article is trying to pass across…..though i doubt that (BibleFactor ) Those of us working day and night in the field know what’s up and ways to tackle it.

Bros, you haven’t said a thing YET. This is not about the bible (do you know what my faith is, by the way?) Let us have some really serious discussion on this privately (if you have a position), rather than this diversionary and vague comment of yours )

If you’d like to understand what the spread and control of HIV requires, I suggest once again you read the article and all the links within properly.

I have read the article, all right. The article proposes that the risky behaviour of prostitution and homosexuality be encouraged by decriminalizing, leading to increased incidences of HIV/AIDS. You seem to agree. I disagree. Fervently. That’s my position.

Hmmmm. Let me humour you. I’m all for decriminalization of homosexuality and prostitution. Take away the fear of jail time and the affected individuals would be bold enough to access healthcare and open up to their doctors about their health issues thereby getting the necessary care needed to halt the spread of the infection in its tracks. Don’t let personal prejudices (I politely avoided calling it ignorance) be cloud your judgement. At the heart of the new strategy globally to end HIV as a public health concern is decriminalizing laws as it pertains to key risk groups which includes gay men, prostitutes and injection drug users, but hell NO, you somehow seem to think you know better than WHO, UN and all other major health organisations combined. Let me put it to you this way…. Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa account for 50% of all new HIV infections globally, these are countries that have very punitive criminal laws against homosexuals…. and guess what? 50% of all new infections are also caused by gay men (who most times also sleep with women), prostitutes and injection drug users. In other words, half of the global burden of HIV can be solved by designing interventions for these groups in these 3 countries specifically, but that is impossible because Nigeria and Uganda don’t even recognize these groups as existent….do you see where I am going with this? I did a whole dissertation on this, so I can go all day, but just know that, there is really no ending or even controlling the HIV epidemic without decriminalizing such laws

I still don’t see the logic in your point. Answer me this, does decriminalizing homosexuality and proposition reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS ? You encourage an act that increases the likelihood of infection (by decriminalizing), then you simultaneously claim this reduces the proliferation of infection. That certainly is not in tandem with Logic 101. Have you been able to confirm that the reason for the high prevalence in Nigeria, Uganda, etc is because it is criminalized, and that the reason for the low prevalence elsewhere is because it is DEcriminalized? Is it not a fact that, HIV is indeed prevalent in permissive (those that decriminalize) and promiscuous societies, with low access to information and healthcare? If I go to a hospital and it is discovered that I have HIV,how does the criminalization/DEcriminalization of my aberrant behaviour as a gay affect my going to see a doctor, and getting treated?

See, paddy, UNAIDS says gay men, prostitutes and drug users are implicit in 50% of all new infections….but from records provided by NACA, they say these groups are only responsible for 10%. 50 and 10 are too wide apart for any margin of error. The only reason is lack of discovery. People in these key risk groups do not seek medical attention and certainly are afraid to even know their status due to fear of prosecution. Being on HIV treatment reduces the chance of infecting other people by over 90%. So these guys don’t go for testing, they don’t get on treatment, and they keep spreading the disease, how does that not sound like common sense to you? South Africa that is part of that list legalized same sex marriage, and guess what? Over 90% of adults in South Africa know their HIV status, almost all positive people are on anti retroviral and the country has one of the highest viral suppression numbers in the world. If a HIV person on treatment is vitally suppressed, he cannot transmit the disease. Guess what the percentage of people on anti retroviral in Nigeria is? 25%! I am just using your own argument against you here, to show you what decriminalisation and liberalization does. I can argue this all day, there is no point you will throw at me that I cannot refute.

I don’t think you are getting this point. Criminalizing or DEcriminalizong has NOTHING to do with knowing your status. Like I said earlier, you can know your status, and can have access to anti retroviral drugs plus treatment, both ways. The point of this discourse is, again, Don’t Encourage Lifestyle Choices That Are Likely (Sure!) To Increase The prevalence of HIV / That’s THE point. Don’t keep throwing irrelevant information / statistics to muddle things up. It doesn’t help anybody!

I think the issue with you is that you are a homophobe.. there’s really usually no arguing with people like you because no matter the level of evidence or scientific data provided to buttress an argument, your prejudice won’t just allow you to be rational. In your mind you think that the west just want to stuff down this concept of homosexuality down our throats, but I implore you to take out time, keep an open mind and review literature on this. You are mixing knowing your status and having access to treatment. These are things that happen after you have contacted the disease. Why do you want someone to contact it first before you intervening? Why don’t you design interventions to stop them from contacting the disease in the first place? That is what decriminalizing does. Nobody is asking you to legalize same sex unions or even sing their praise in public, just don’t legally punish people for their lifestyle, that creates alienation and makes discovery very difficult.

Legally punishing does not alienate. It is actually the social disapproval that alienates. So, again, what’s your point?

It is obvious that nothing I have said has made any sense to you. This is a lifestyle that has been existing since biblical times. I have shown you evidence of where decriminalisation has actually aided discovery and set the nation on a path to recovery, yet you insist on criminalization. What do you think criminalization actually does? Maybe that’s where we start from. Sex is a human necessity like food and water, gay people just only feel attraction to same sex. If you criminalize it, they just go underground and do it in hiding, it doesn’t stop them from doing it. The only benefit from criminalization is that the state and the church going people just raise their hands and say, yes we have crushed these people and driven them away It doesn’t in anyway stop the act from going on.

It does o! Every habit is nurtured and reinforced by repetition. You could be latently gay. You could be doing it for the money, like gay prostitutes. Criminalizing would surely stop those, and reduce the result… infection. We don’t want to raise children who go to church and see Adam and Steve Jones on unholy matrimony, do we? How do you raise children in a house hold where Eve and Eva are the mother and father (mother)? In parents /teachers meetings in school, would Adam and Steve, or Eve and Eva attend?As what?Father and mother? I am sure this is something we don’t want to see. Please grow some whiskers and smell this coffee. Criminalization is THE way!


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