The conspiracy of the rich.

Someone said,..

…Don’t approach a bull from the front, a horse from the back, and a fool from any direction

[The “fool” aspect had me holding my ribs in laughter..

This precipitated a short conversation about the human propensity to oscillate with those similar to them intellectually,socially, economically and most other things..]

I replied..

+++ Doesn’t it take a non idiot to recognize an idiot? What’s the baseline for determining idiocy since comparisons are mostly relative?

If you think someone is a fool,and express the opinion, he probably would think the same of you. The reason is because almost every man considers himself superior to in some way..

… Well, I define who an idiot is based on my yardstick

+++There you are. So there is no absolute sagacity, or idiocy.

It is said, Don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers . Now, your say, Don’t approach an idiot from any direction.

How do we then rid the world of idiocy, and unbelievers? If the rich only associate with the rich, how would poverty ever end? If believers only oscillate with believers, how would things change o? Do you know that animals are crossbred to strengthen the good points and weaken the undesirable aspects?

….Money pass money o. ..of the rich, there is a poor rich man

+++Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Abuja: N400,000 Per Night. InterContinental Lagos Hotel: N738,000 Per Night. In a country Governors claim they can’t afford to pay a minimum wage of N18,000!!!

Hotel President Wilson , Geneva ? Costing $83,200 a night. For wetin? This world is surely crazy!

…Lai se apa. (what spendthrifting!) .. just to snooze and snore?

+++I wonder o.When the gods want to make some people mad, he gives them too much money, than sense. What would a super expensive SUV do that a normal sedan wouldn’t, apart from stating your financial status ?


…Difference dey bros

+++What difference? Truth be told, though, I would like to be an idiot with money, than a without much to his name

….Wisdom is wealth

+++I hear you. See, in Nigeria of today, wealth is wisdom. Didn’t somebody say you are dead without money? Is there wisdom in the grave ni?

…Car is not luxury or comfort only, I beg.

+++It’s mostly a status declaration jor. Same with the super expensive heavenly hotels on earth..

…Naija always has things backwards sha. Here (diaspora), it is usually for tax avoidance. That allows you sleep in highbrow hotels, since you can offset against expenses and then rub shoulders with the rich and powerful .

+++In the final.analysis, a thirty five thousand dollar vehicle does the same job as a hundred thousand pounds one, no? . What does a seventy thousand Rolex watch do that my cheap N1,000 wristwatch doesn’t?

Avoiding tax by wasting money? Why not pay the tax, where it could be useful to others? At the end of the day, money spent is money spent, either as tax or direct expense. The difference is just where the money goes to, government or service providers.

….No…if you don’t use it, government takes it

+++So what? Why doesn’t the ultra rich simply pay tax, instead of wasting it on expensive things, just to avoid tax? And allow government use the revenue for running government…. to the betterment of many?

… The rich don’t think of others.. that’s why they are rich. Ironically, they have a change of heart when they are about to die. As we know,there is no repentance in the grave.

+++I don’t think it’s in the interest of the rich to continue to perpetuate poverty. It looks like money seems to circulate amongst the rich only ¬†predominantly.
Until the mindset of birds of the same feather must flock together, is dispelled, humanity may not progress much.

Truly, humans tend to stick to what they are familiar with, consort with those that are like them, have similar professional or economic status.

However, a well rounded personality is one that can interact with the same felicity with other humans who are totally dissimilar in many ways including creed / religion, tribe, economic status, etc.

Clearly, a deviation from our comfort zones can only enrich us in unquantifiable ways

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