The Churchman & Xenophobia.

I was recently perusing a blistering conversation concerning the failure of churches / pastors to send their Private Jets to assist in repatriating Nigerians from South Africa in the wake of the latest xenophobic attacks.

There are many churches / pastors with private jets in Nigeria, with some owning mure than one. Here Are Some Of Them.

Someone expresses this opinion,

So we expect a pastor with a 14-seater private jet to send it to evacuate 3000 Nigerians from South Africa? This seems like a dumb idea to me!

I think this guy misses the point. We’re talking about empathy.. showing that you care.. it is not about the capacity of the planes vis-a-vis how many people need to be evacuated.

Empathy, sympathy and sheer humaneness.

Wealthy Pastors / churches could have been proactive in easing the plight of Nigerians in South Africa.

How about if they had collaborated and contributed N100m or something to assist the evacuation and resettling of those affected?

But, no.. they sit on billions used for God knows what!!

Besides .. there are some private jets that can carry as much as 40 passengers.

Someone else cynically wondered aloud,

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Former Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) President leased his private jet to pay for and ferry weapons in South Africa during GEJ’s era. I guess that was a more noble escaoade thank helping your fellow countrymen.

Another person said,

.People are tired of the lack of empathy shown in certain situations by churches.. If jets can be flown to pick up arms and pay dollars in the same SA…..they could also be flown to save lives.

He continues,

That pious fruit seller by the road side does not pay tax to the government but pays her tithe religiously. That Nigerian usher at a Redeem Church in South Africa believes in her Pastor and church more than she believes in Nigeria and her government. In Nigeria today, a lot of people have replaced family and social security with churches, where they pay tithe, volunteer and raise money for church projects. When Jesus fed 5000 there was a king in that country, they had mothers, husbands and fathers yet Jesus fed them. When He turned water into wine, He was not the host and it was not his responsibility yet he did it. All followers of Christ should at all times ask themselves at times like this “what would Jesus have done” Jesus did not sit on the fence, cherry_picking situations in which to help and the ones not to help..

Someone gave his final submission on the failing of churches in uplifting the general well-being of the citizenry,

.What has the new age churches done than to provide a place to pray and take advantage of a failing system? The Catholic church…yes, they have done a lot and still do… The Protestants of old …yes they did a lot for the people. What are the new age churches doing..? Ask yourself… They provide schools that are unaffordable for the common man.. higher institutions that only the rich can afford…. They provide clinics and hospitals that only a certain class of people can go to… They provide massive praying grounds. They do not pay taxes… They have a structure that attracts a bank loan or lending for further enlargement. They have successfully taken advantage of a broken down continent from greed and uncaring leaders that have been ruling all over Africa as a whole

For me , what comes to mind is the story of the Widow’s Mite in the Bible.

Sometimes it is about the gesture you make and showing that you care. it is indeed astounding that not a single church or pastor with private jets has offered to assist in any way.

For instance, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, a private entrepreneur assists in many ways when there is a humanitarian crisis.

A commercial airline by the name Peace Airline has stepped up to the plate and airlifted a number of traumatised Nigerians from South Africa… for free.

Let’s just hope that the churches / pastors (with the capacity) are more proactive and responsive if /when a situation like this happens again..

Of course this admiration is not limited to churches / pastors alone.. it equally applies to corporate organisations who have the males to help out their brothers and sisters…

Being our brother’s keeper is not what we choose to do or not do… depending on how the fancy catches us.

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