The Characterisation Of Religion.

Knowing God is different from practising religion. Many are merely religious, they are far from God and godly character.

Someone posted,

True character arises from a deeper well than religion. It is the internalization of moral principles of a society, augmented by those tenets personally chosen by the individual, strong enough to endure through trials of solitude and adversity. The principles are fitted together into what we call integrity, literally the integrated self, wherein personal decisions feel good and true. Character is in turn the enduring source of virtue. It stands by itself and excites admiration in other. Edward O. Wilson

This can be succinctly put as,

Your character should be reflected in your religion and vice versa, or that you character is your religion

I responded,

Do you need religion to build character? Is there even any relationship at all between religion and character? What’s the purpose of religion? Is it a means to an end, or an end in itself? How do the Scandinavian countries (who predominantly don’t believe in religion) compare with a very religious country like Nigeria, on all human development metrics / indices – including moral rectitude? Is religion playing an agglutinating role, or a divisive role in society (like race, tribe, politics, class – can)? Questions…

The poster said,

I don’t think you really read that to understand I think you are just responding reflexively. Religion and Philosophy are the two primary sources of moral and so questioning the relevance of religion in the formation of character is irrational to me. It’s like asking whether a river can exist without its source and you know what the Yorubas say about rivers that forget their source – they sooner than later dry up


It sounds like you are saying you necessarily NEED religion to have good character. You couldn’t be more wrong. Apparently, you didn’t read my earlier submission, or you didn’t assimilate it..

This was followed with a rebuttal,

I never said it was necessary to have religion to have morals: the source could be Religion OR Philosophy

Note this guy has me confused. The same one who said, Questioning the relevance of religion in the formation of character is irrational to me.??

Great he disambiguated but he doesn’t seen to have controverted anything I said. We seem to agree that you don’t necessarily need religion to have good character, as your character is so much more important than the religion you claim to practise.

He further says,

Religion was not the core issue in the discussion – CHARACTER was. Religion was framed into the discussion only because we are a religious society. That’s the point I want you to appreciate….

Well character was likened to religion in that post and was actually compared with it so I don’t understand what this denial is about.

All the same, since religion is a means to an end and not an end in itself we should pay more attention to our character rather than the grandstanding and fanfare that religion has been turned into in Nigeria.

I would carefully watch a person’s character rather than his religious pretensions, titles or posturings- in dealing with him / her.

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