The Car In Front Is A TESLA

So, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla unveils Tesla Model 3. The whole world is agog for the cheapest mass market electric vehicle.

Despite absolutely zero traditional advertisement, Tesla has taken $1,000 each from 500, 000 customers who wish to own a Tesla. That’s certainly a vote of confidence, if there is any, and Elon Musk and his employees would be working flat out to be able to keep up with the demand.

The Canadian-american Said The Car Will Not Need Servicing As Often As Other Cars Around The World, Promising Over A Million Miles Before First Servicing.

Now, a $35k electric vehicle like this translates to about ₦11 Million at current exchange rate. A Toyota Corolla would set you back at least ₦20 Million Naira right now.

You charge this Tesla for thirty minutes, and it can take you another 200km.

Car ownership cost is not just about the cost of purchasing the car. The real long-term cost is in the maintenance. That can easily be far more than purchase cost for a car you hold for a long time. The longer you hold a car, the more and faster the maintenance costs pile up.

With this electric vehicle doing a million miles before servicing, that literally means this car is service free. Imagine the cost savings! The batteries are guaranteed for up to ten years.

People have been talking about the feasibility of using an electric car here in Nigeria, given our electrical. power infrastructural deficit.

I would say the advantages of using an EV far outstrip the disadvantage. No spark plugs, absolutely no emission, no need to change oil, oil filter as it doesn’t use those. Total silence, and hair-raising almost instantaneous acceleration!!

The absolute zero emission of electric vehicles like this is why the world is irrevocably committed to electric cars replacing the gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, going forward.

A bank in Nigeria has this advert line,

Wouldn’t you rather bank with us?

I ask,

Wouldn’t you rather buy a Tesla?

The price is right, the look is awesome, the speed is incredible.

Why on earth would you buy another car model?


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