We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. Have a look here if you don’t.

The story teaches a lesson very salient to this post.

  • He who treads softly goes far.
  • Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Supposing the droplets can form a puddle, and consequently that mighty ocean?

The screaming headline..

A 23-year-old Google employee lives in a truck in the company’s parking lot and saves 90 percent of his income .

Have a look here

Somebody applauded this move by saying, That is a young man with his head screwed on right! He should go places!

And the following conversation, highlighting different realities, ensued:

+++ What will he possibly do with all the money eventually? Use it to become a millionaire in name and leave the money for some others to squander eventually, when he is dead?

What is wrong in being as rich as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook before he turns 30? And then, his money would be working, while he travels the world. His money would be doing all the running in a few short years, while he takes life easy. For some of us, we don’t have the advantage that this young lad has (by virtue of his young age), but it’s never to late to be serious about making our money do more of the running.

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+++ My belief is, If you earn good money like this young guy does, you should at least make a decent living out of it. I do not think saving that money by living in a portakabin would make him as rich as Mark Zuckererg.

— You should accumulate enough money while young so you spend the rest of your days “playing”, working because you want to, not because you have to. What is the purpose of working?

He would be investing the 90% of the salary he is conserving by being smart. He is demonstrating early in life the mindset of someone who would surely be very wealthy later in life.

Someone once said he has quit wasting money on smartphones (“butter”) and now invests in “gold” instead. He mentioned how, if he had invested in plots of land diligently, years ago, that would go a long way in funding university education for his children.

+++ I insist that Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook didn’t get very rich by sleeping inside a truck while saving his money but rather got rich by making himself comfortable, placing him in a better position to think out a way of dominating the world through breakthrough technology.

— There are many ways to the market. Many ways to get rich, And I insist accumulating as much money as possible early for consistent investments from a very early age is a sure way to become financially independent, and exit the financial rat race early.



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