This is in response to a post, My top 5 Productivity Apps  It is too long to be a mere comment, so I decided to make it into a post.

My five top productivity apps, on Android… Let’s see ….

I have more than five, and I wouldn’t be able to do without Any of them too.

Keyboard apps

Those are Chrooma  Keyboard and SwiftKey Keyboard. Obviously if you type a lot on a smartphone (I do!), you are Perpetually On The Lookout For The Best Keyboard app available on your platform of choice. I have tried all the popular ones… and settled on these two for now ;-). 


We perform many tasks repetitively on our smartphones. I have tried to Automate As Many Tasks as I can. It is one of the reasons why I would not be able to switch to iOS as a platform, because iOS is too restrictive to permit some of the tricks some Android apps are allowed to implement. That’s the attraction to, and power of, Android.


This allows the Automation Of Repetitive Text Entry. That way, my thumbs get to live longer before wearing off. Yes, a shortcut is sufficient for the wise.

I could type @hr and get hieroglyphics like…

.. automatically substituted, or whatever, as defined by me.

URL Shortener

I have to shorten URLs often.This app is indispensable as I only have to copy a complicated URL to the clipboard, and I get the shortened form in a jiffy. A true lifesaver.

Nova Launcher Prime

I had never believer in conventional Launchers (before now) preferring apps like Swiftly Switch Pro, GlexTor App Manager, Sidebar Plus, etc.

Then I stumbled upon Nova Launcher, supercharged with Fast Finder  and Sesame Shortcuts .. (**grinning like a Cheshire Cat**). An epiphany! Give it a try sometime!

Type Machine

There is ONLY one other app with this kind of functionality ( Inputting ) on Android. Perhaps it is tough to implement?

I prefer Type Machine, the pioneer.

Supposing you have typed something lengthy on your phone, and there is a glitch, making you lose all (or part of what) you have been composing in the last thirty minutes (like this post). You could be tempted to pull out your grey beards, in anguish.

With Type Machine, you never ever lose anything you type on your phone again, ever. It is too essential for me.

ES File Explorer

I move documents about. A lot, both intra / inter  phone(s), and even between the phone and the laptop. ES File Explorer is the best I have found on Android, and the store ratings plus download count testify to this .. Solid Explorer comes close in performance and versatility, but not close enough!


Suppose you have to identify strange telephone numbers often. Since overcoming my initial concern about the privacy implication concerning the use of this app, it has been my constant companion and is eminently useful.

The last essential apps for me would be..

Web browsers ( Opera Mini, Opera Browser, UC mini, UC Browser ), BlueMail (my email client), WhatsApp (I use this every hour of the day,  TweetCaster (my Twitter client) and of course the Text Editor I use to type copious notes like this post (Notes2SD).

There they are. My essential apps.. the beloved (app-)les..

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