The Beautiful Trucks Are Not Yet Made.

The BeautYful Ones Are Not Yet Born is the debut novel by Ghanaian writer Ayi Kwei Armah

I think we can safely paraphrase and say,

The BeautYful Trucks Are Not Yet Made

So the company that is in the forefront in the quest for the abolition of fossil fuel powered vehicles in favour of electrically powered ones (Tesla) eventually released the prototype of their truck set to go into full production next year .

Like their other electric vehicles , it is all shades of awesome in terms of exhilarating acceleration, battery range, as well as structural integrity.

You can sink your fangs into the CyberTruck Rolls here

In addition to the unplanned breakage of the supposedly bulletproof windows of the truck making headlines, many people have expressed an opinion that the truck is terribly ugly. beauty set will be in the eye of the beholder. so those who think the truck is ugly are entitled to their opinion – as their eyes are not my eyes, and vice versa.

I wouldn’t know about ugliness, but it is certainly unconventional. It doesn’t look like any truck that has ever been made before.

Someone remarked,

That Tesla CyberTruck looks like those alien vehicles we see in films. Quite in tandem with what that Elon Guy represents… a Martian Alien. I suppose if you make the same kind of product that others make, you would get the same kind of reception. Elon Musk has always tried to be different in his products ranging from things as minor as having unconventional door handles to something as major as a totally different philosophy regarding his the cockpit of a vehicle should look / operate.

Some people forming an immediate negative opinion based in looks is this same kind of mindset that makes the Apple Fans to run after those iProducts principally because of the sleekness -and not necessarily what they can really do…the cool factor.

Somebody trying to be cheeky in emphasizing that looks do matter in addition to functionality, said,

It’s this kind of mindset that will make you wear safety boots on agbada because of what it can do and not whether it fits…

He really does have a point.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt anybody to make a truck that is very functional as well as beautiful to look at. However the point needs to be stated that ‘ugly’ and ‘truck’ seem to be synonymous. Trucks have always been traditionally very ugly, so if the new Tesla CyberTruck prototype is deemed ugly, it is probably just continuing the ugly tradition of trucks being as ugly as sin!

Given the option of choosing between a very ugly car that is fantastically efficient and a very beautiful one that is not so efficient, in which direction would you roll?

I would always consider function before looking at looks.

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