The BeAttitude Of The Right Attitude

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.



We are constantly making decisions, either consciously, subliminally, unconsciously, or subconsciously.

There are repercussions following the choices we make, whether it is about the most trivial things, like the next football match we go to watch in the stadium, or about decisions that have far reaching impact in our lives (such as our religious beliefs, our work, the spouse we choose to marry, who we spend most of our time with, etc).

We have to make so many decisions every day that some of them are done without conscious thoughts – reflexively We are unaware of the majority of those decisions.

Such a phenomenon occurs because our brain seeks to conserve energy. This is why when it is necessary to make unimportant daily decisions, they happen automatically.

We don’t make any conscious decision to inhale but it happens all the same.

The analysis of this theory explaining how our minds work in decision-making led psychologist Daniel Kahneman to win a Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002, following a study of rational and intuitive behavior of people.

Kahneman has shown that our brain can take two different routes when making a decision; A faster path, an intuitive and emotional way (the one that is generally used) and another slower path, the rational path (which requires effort, and specific deliberation).

One way or another, and whether we like it or not, we are responsible for our decisions.

When you have to make a choice and you do not, it’s not a choice.

-William James

The quality of decisions made automatically has a close relationship to our learning, our experiences, the education we have received, the beliefs we have and the mistakes we have made on the past.

We are influenced by a myriad of factors that determine our conduct.
Most of the choices we make – the voluntary and involuntary- are the result of our experience and the learning we have been exposed to.
On the spur of the moment decisions don’t necessarily result in the best we could make​ as those decisions are not just a result of rational analyses.

By adopting certain behaviors rather than others, one forms a series of experiences and habits that determine what one is at this precise moment, here and now. We are totally responsible for the results of our decisions and indecisions.

The great decisions of human life generally have much more to do with instincts and other mysterious unconscious factors than with JUST cold logic and rational thinking.

Being conscious of the repercussions and consequences of our (in)decisions, we must be in charge the apron strings of our existence. When we choose to avoid a decision, that is already a decision taken.

As human we complain about the type of life we ​​lead, our sadness and the misfortunes that befall us. We use victimization to solve what we do not understand, to manipulate others, trying to achieve what we want. But, we are capable of making our lives a ten-lane freeway, or a prison that we create from our minds – via our decisions.

We could choose to have a type of life, where one sets standards, where one chooses how one behaves when confronted with each circumstance, taking charge of the circumstances, even when we have fears, lack complete confidence, feel uncertain and have guilts. If we manage to fight all our foibles, we will get exactly the life we ​​want to lead, without the need for much complaints.

Choosing to be happy is a conscious decision.

If what we really want is to be happy, we can not remain passive until happiness happens by itself.
Happiness is attained through the attitude we take in the face of the inevitable difficult situations we are often confronted with in our daily lives. It is an effort to make decisions that have nothing to do with the habits that feed our deepest fears.

External factors can not truly stop a (wo)man who is determined to be happy. External factors (like physical possessions) also can not also give lasting happiness.

You can be unhappy in the midst of serenity and copious material possession and likewise be happy in the midst of insalubrious circumstances.

You can only find happiness inside yourself.

Choose to be happy today.

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