The Art Of Attracting The Artistic Artisan.

We have all at one time or the other needed the service of an artisan (plumber, electrician, bricklayer, floor tilers, etc).For many of us, the experience dealing with artisans is nothing to write home about.

On many occasions that I have hattempted toget a technician to repair defective household items (like television sets ,air conditioner units, refrigerators , etc),I have always regretted the step. This experience is p common to almost everybody I know.

Eventually, you are better off just going to buy a new one.You basically throw money into the area trying to repair most things.

On many locations I have been told that if you need the best artisans like tilers or panel -beaters, the best place to go is Cotonou .


Does the Nigerian society reward skills…being good at what you do? Do we have an enabling environment to be the best we could be in what we do !

A senior colleague when I was in secondary school who later became a mechanic told me that without cutting corners there’s no way roadside mechanic would survive.

Most people are simply reluctant to pay for service.

This is why the average mechanic would inflate the price of replacement parts on a regular basis to compensate.

Why do many artisans do shoddy work…. cut corners and are s generally just after the money? Why would you find people being ready to spend a tonne on car replacement parts without a whimper, but would bargain to high heavens – the workmanship of the technician? .

Terrible Quality of Work (artisan or not) could be the result of absence of skill, or lack of (financial) motivation to go a step further – to do a sterling job.

Like a musician sang the other time, what you want to eat may take away away your wisdom

A mechanic deliberately going to buy inferior parts may do so not necessarily because he does not know the parts are inferior and will not last, but because he’s just after the money. cheap parts mean he gets to keep some money in his pocket and your car will last not quite as long, leasing to repeat visits, and repeat billings

Our mechanics go to Germany and do well. They are here and most cut corners and do subpar work.


The unsatisfactory result we get from using local artisans is a manifestation of something. like a disease that manifests through some symptoms. Merely looking at the symptoms will not cure the disease, but merely palliate the symptom(s).

I tend to think the problem is a result of:


This affects the productivity of everybody – not just the artisans.

Of course the general quality of work done by everybody will be enhanced with the right infrastructure like adequate electricity and so on.


Generally, the people who become artisans are folks who could not make a headway with conventional education in school. Generally.

So, many of them already have the wrong mindset to work and life) . Many do not complete their training before absconding and attempting to be on their own.


Talking payment. Without the right payments, you will not be able to do a right job. You need money to get the correct tools. You need good tools to do good jobs. the tool does not make the workmen but then the workmen have to have the right tools to do a good job.

A vicious cycle!.

When patronizing a good skilled artisan with the right attitude, do your bit by paying good money for good jobs. then go out of your way to promote them. That would encourage them and also energize those who are not so motivated or good at their jobs.

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