Thanksgiving Holiday – Turkey Feast and Gratitude

This day is an important holiday in the United States. It is a day to be happy and to merry. A day when gifts are freely shared. A day when the less privileged are remembered and everyone chips in to ensure everybody have a wonderful time. Yes, and not forgetting the Turkeys too. They adorn the tables with all types of garnishing and decorations. A day to feast. A day to be happy. A day to give thanks for the very gift of life.


Smartphone. f/2.2 at 1/20s. ISO 281


To many, there may appear to be no solid reason to be thankful for life is not that so kind to everyone equally. But let each not forget that in whatever situation we may find ourselves, there are countless of people in far worse situation than we. Hence we need to give thanks.

Nikon D5300. f/14 at 1/320s. ISO 640


Giving thanks to our fellow men and women for their positive contributions in our lives, giving thanks to situations that have placed us where we are today, giving thanks to mother earth for nurturing us up to this stage, and giving thanks to the God of our realization for divine mercies.

Nikon D5300. f/10 at1/400s. ISO 640


On this day, this year, as opposed to what obtained last year, I am not on the continent of America. But I am there in spirit. I join all by having a heart full of gratitude. And I may not have access to a full turkey, but the turkey lap bought in the fast food eatery nearby serves equally well.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May our gratitude be accepted in good faith.


All pictures in this work are personally shot and edited by me

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