Teslas Are Forever!

Diamonds are forever.

If you are a lover of James Bond films, you would recognize this title instantly.

Good things never get boring, and it would appear a Tesla is also forever – like Diamonds. .

Electric vehicles (EV) are the rave now,and for good reason. When you spend good money on something, you want to be sure it serves you meritoriously – until you decide you want a change .

Is a second-hand Tesla good buy, somebody asks . With these cars costing a tidy sum, it is reasonable that many would want to opt for the used, ones when / where available.

As almost always, Tesla owners are almost always euphoric when describing their experience with their car.

Listen to this long one, from. an owner

There is this P85 we purchased in 2012. It lacks Autopilot, has no parking assist, and all the technological bells-and-whistles in current models.

The seats are somewhat uncomfortable and the fabrics staid. It is not as ghostly-silent on the road as we have in newer models now.

But the noteworthy thing is that nothing has EVER gone wrong with this car in all those years. . ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Some things have been replaced under warranty when it was in for maintenance,

The uninspiring / insipid black interior is still looking as good as when the car was brand new. But thefe is ABSOLUTELY no wear and tear of any sort.

The looks (painting), and handling are almost exactly as when it was new.

Yes, you can buy a used Tesla with complete confidence. Finding one is a different matter though…

In an electric vehicle, there is extreme simplicity. No radiator, no engine oil, no silencer, etc. There are simply far less parts than in conventional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) . So, there is less to go wrong, and consequently less to maintain, repair or replace.

Less to spend too!

Ja, The Car In Front Is Electrified.

Another owner asked how long he plans to keep his Tesla.

He responds,

My plan was to drive my X 90D for 4 years until it was paid off but since I am so happy about my Tesla, I will likely keep it for about eight years total.

Imagine. Even the ultra white seats remain as good as new, even after a year of ownership!

People get bored with an item after a (long) while. After all, variety is the spice of motoring life. Even a Tesla would start to feel boring after some years of use. The novelty would eventually wear off with familiarity. Similar to that trusty smartphone you have used without trouble for three years.

Where a Tesla is diferent is in the continuing renewing of the car through over-the-air (OTA) software updates that give diffrent capabilities to the cars, on an ongoing basis., basically ‘renewing’ the vehicle . Things like the braking-distance, enhanced self-driving, etc are handled with software updates delivered to your always-on vehicle, without your having to lift a finger!

That guarantees that your vehicle is likely to preserve its novelty for far longer than you have in a conventional car.

Go get a Tesla. Why would you want to drive a different car?

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