Someone said..

The world is showing more signs of moving away from using terrorism as a tool for disparaging Islam..

And that’s how the debate started.

Einstein: Why would anyone want to, or be able to disparage a particular religion through terrorism if the adherents themselves don’t engage in terrorism?

I don’t know much about the politics of religion, but this doesn’t sound right to me, and certainly comes out like “persecution complex”. Do you mind elaborating.

Socrates: Well, No one associates similar acts perpetrated by people of other faiths with their religion…not even their nationality or race or ethnicity. And this is despite clear declarations by respected Muslim leaders including people like the Ayatollah of Iran who openly stated that terrorism is an act that is against the tenets of Islam. You will however need to read widely on the dynamics of international politics and the interplay with religion to fully grasp this subject.

You will notice how international perception will quickly change now that the media mind programming is changing.

Einstein: Your first sentence somewhat addressed my question. However, not entirely.

I am still curious and I am asking, “why Islam in particular?. Should like a conspiracy theory without any specific proof.

Why Does “No One Associate Similar Acts Perpetrated By People Of Other Faiths With Their Religion?”. Could it all be about prevalence and fortified perception?. Do something often enough, and sure enough, people start making associations. It is natural.

Was it not Ayatollah Khomeni who pronounced the death penalty on the Author of the “Satanic Verses” (Salman Rushdie) who did not want to “Rush-into Dyeing” and had to flee for his dear life? What does that kind of pronouncement from a major Islamic Leader do to the mindset of an already negatively biased world.. that Muslims are generally violent, jihadists and terrorists?

I know you are a Muslim, and I know you don’t fit the perception of “Muslims are terrorists” or “most terrorists are Muslims”, but I think Muslins simply need to do far more to change the negative perception which I happen to think is actually NOT waning. The perception is actually gathering strength due to the resurgence of more terrorist groups worldwide, generally known to ALL be Muslims…. BOKO HARAM, All Shabab, ISIS…..

Socrates: For illumination, you may want to reflect on why a Black man involved in violence is a thug or gangster but all Caucasian thugs are people who just suffered temporary mental illness.

Advance fee fraud started way before the era of the Internet and not by Nigerians. I used to receive mails about winning millions in lotteries I never played from Australia and other strange places with request for me to mail $5.00 or smaller to process the prize winning even in the 1980s. Such mass mails are sometimes responded to by a number of fools who of course never hear back from the fraudsters. This was not tagged Australian or British mail fraud. But when a Nigerian or even a Ghanian claiming to be Nigerian does it, we label it “Nigerian scam”.

Mind programming makes you think of India as the rape capital of the world, but there is a higher probability of you getting raped in Manchester than in Mumbai.

Profiling is a deliberate act of mind programming that happens before the fact and not a perception shaped by prevalence of act.

And maybe we should have formed a perception about Nigerian Christians by the pronouncement of people like pastors Oyedepo and Oritsejafor after all they both declared “fatwa” on a group of people

Einstein: Here are some truths. The terrorists are in no small way demeaning the religion that they claim to uphold. This is not a one off action of a disgruntled person or group, but it is fast becoming a political ideology gaining ground in diverse societies Every time, a tragic event like the one that happens recently in Nice happens, the religion they claim to uphold is put on the spotlight.

The fact that there are millions of Moslems all over the world who are peace loving and disagree with these people who unleash violence on people, does not change the fact that what they did is in the name of their religion. The reality is that these people are doing much more to undermine Islam than the actions of of people who in anger may be wrongly accusing the faith.

It therefore means that True Muslims all over the world in their various communities have their work cut out to defend their faith. They can not just afford passivity.

Unfortunately, I see influential Islamic leaders worrying more and responding more aggressively to “unacceptable” reactions of people to violence done as jihad more than they do against the actions of the so called Jihadists.

Let’s stop being ostriches. While it is incumbent for all of us to rise Against jihadism monster, it is incumbent on Muslims to rise up in “holy anger”

I think there is a lot of work to be done by the Muslim community itself to stop the breeding of these radical criminal elements: This starts with the family units – we need to teach love not hate, leadership not rebellion, forgiveness not retribution, education / enlightenment not ignorance / retrogression. We need to go all out to defeat the criminals that carry out acts of terror under religious or other cloaks.


Religion is the cause of so much strife in the world, with the greatest and most prevalent upheavals noticed generally in the Islam dominated regions of the world in recent times. The perception of a linkage between Islam and terrorism is not helped by stories of intolerance like Again, Muslim Youngsters Attack Catholic Church In Suleja, Injure Parishioners or RCCG evangelist murdered while preaching.

Also, the rampaging attacks by well known Islamic terrorist groups across countries and continents don’t quite help the negative perception of religious tolerance floating in the air.

Let us stop the hate – we are all the same under our skins.


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