Terrified passengers realize plane door was left open at 10000 feets (photos)

Now picture this – you are on board a flight and shortly after take off you begin to feel pain especially in your head along with a hammering head ache and some unusual noise around only for a co passenger to point out that the aircraft’s door is a few centimeters open.


Screen shot of the opened door

Imagine the horror, well that’s exactly what happened on a Boeing 737-800 owned by the Jin Air Aviation company of South Korea on a trip just few days ago from the Philippines to South Korea carrying 163 passengers. The plane was forced to return back to the airport in the Philippines were passengers were delayed for approximately 15 hrs before being placed on another flight.


A screenshot showing a passenger inserting his hand through the opening.

Passengers on board complained of severe headaches during and after they disembarked at the airport.

1 comment for “Terrified passengers realize plane door was left open at 10000 feets (photos)

  1. eye_bee_kay
    January 8, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Wao.. It’s great the plane didn’t crash, or passengers injured in any way…

    One of those freak things, likely due to a human error…

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