This was going to be a response to Sites like 0123moviesfree and Filmywap, and the thirst for free movies

The thirst is not just for free movies.

Piracy of contents, like prostitution or pornography will always be with us.

I am not talking morality, but reality.

We can rail against it, condemn it, but majority of humans partake in these vices, openly or clandestinely. Why else are all these things big industries, unless humans partake of them?

As long as demand for something exceeds the supply, or something exists for free (or at lower cost), humans would gravitate towards it.

I guess this is just human nature.

This has little to do with poverty, otherwise you wouldn’t have so much pervasive piracy in China where their citizens are relatively well off compared to Nigerians. It is probably a result of many humans wanting something for free, if possible.

Nothing beats the price of, FREE

If something exists online for free, I would pick it up. If I come across a free browsing trick, I would take it … no apologies. It is not my duty to be verifying what is illegal or legit online – if it is there for the taking – without consequence, it would be taken.

Ebooks (I am a bookworm… can’t remember when I last bought a physical book since leaving school. If it exists online, I would find it. if it doesn’t exist, the material isn’t worthwhile), movies, articles,music… they are all there, online, free. It is appalling what the youths of nowadays spend their data (aka money) on.

As a matter of principle, I use my resources maximally (reason I averagely use my smartphones for around four years before changing). The internet is an awesome resource. Maximally using the internet would entail avoiding spending money when I do not have to. In that wise, I truly get awesome bang for my data. I don’t squander dara streaming useless things or watch artless videos. I do focused online wandering, picking up what adds educationally and improves productivity.

It is almost certain many people would disagree with this position, but like the issue of porn, many would say one thing while doing something contrary in private – the typical hypocrisy.

My stance…

If you fail to protect / safeguard your (intellectual ) property properly online , the property gets taken away, especially when lying around .

If you leave a briefcase on the car roof,and go into a supermarket, don’t express surprise when you can’t find the briefcase when you finish your shopping.

Again, this is reality, not sanctimonious religiosity .

Technology has made electronic stealing through internet fraud, illegal downloads, free browsing, etc very easy. I guess only technology can effectively also counter that, not sermonizing, evangelizing or appeal to fair play

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