Here is curated interesting news for the weekend.

Lastpass Beta updated with support for using both accessibility and Android Oreo autofill, plus fewer unneeded prompts

LastPass, 1PassWord, Remembear are some of the well known Password Autofill applications.

With Google Inc threatening to axe apps that make use of the Accessibility Feature for purposes different from the original intended purpose, many App Developers have been tweaking their apps to NOT make use of Accessibility, by looking for workarounds.

Luckily Android Oreo now provides an AutoFill API that makes it unnecessary for apps like LastPass to use the accessibility function except for one small problem… We are not all on Android Oreo yet. Backward compatibility can be a bitch, sometimes

You could hunt this down in the app store.

Samsung posts best ever financial results in 2017, with profits of $50 billion

I have always considered Samsung a hard working innovative company that needs to be rewarded financially, more, for their relentless pushing of the tech envelope.

Happy to hear this news.

You may want to juxtapose this with the report that Apple’s stock falls as high hopes for iPhone X sales falter. Perhaps you can’t fool the iSheep forever? You may want to also have a look at another giant, with slightly lower performance than expected, Alphabet profit miss sends stock down, but Google ad and cloud sales remain strong

Bitcoin value drops below $8,500

For those who have the mental stamina to trade cryptocurrencies, the up and down undulations of their value may be up their ally. But thank you, I will pass.

Mazda wants to perfect the internal combustion engine before we give up on it

With everybody rushing to get on the Electrified vehicle bandwagon, it is curious that Mazda is still trying to hold on tenaciously to the dated internal combustion engine. With some countries having put specific deadlines to the life of the fossil fuel based engines, let’s see how far Mazda gets in its lonesome pursuit. Did we not say here that The Vehicle Ahead Is Electrified! with Tesla being seen as the company with the greatest push in this direction. with Waymo and General Motors seemingly intent on giving Tesla a good run for their (non_)money where self driving (autopilot) tech is concerned?

And the thought of Elon Musk has a way of making one think of science fiction, with his incredible exploits like getting us to Mars some day soon, neural link, and other outlandish escapades.

So, here are 18 new science fiction and fantasy books to read this February.

While at it, you could take a quick look at how Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket somehow survived a landing in the Atlantic Ocean

There you have them. A few interesting tech news to check out for the weekend.

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