I once wrote about The Insane Traffic that Lagos is notorious for. This was about three years ago.

Well, the situation hasn’t improved, any. Lagos traffic is as insane as it ever has been, maybe worse.

A notable personality wrote the following article, while stuck in Lagos Traffic:

Lagos Traffic. I Would Rather Trek.

The Lagos traffic situation seems to have defied every proposed solution.

On Eko Bridge right now. All drivers have switched off their car engines. This is Lagos.

Apparently, If you can’t stand the traffic, you have to get out of Lagos.


I have sat and thought deeply of how much productivity is lost in Lagos traffic. Apparently the place is underachieving.

I’ve heard someone say he’s on his way from Badagry and it was a whole day. A WHOLE day

What is the solution??

To the article writer who said he would rather trek, I responded,

Trekking? Heheheeeee.

The man-hours lost daily are simply unquantifiable..
Lagos needs self_driving Electric Vehicles the way a drowning man needs a lifeline.

The pollution, the fuel wasted…. the damage to weak hearts… fractured relationships…

The writer feels this is not a problem for technology to address.

Hear him….

This is not a technology problem . Sadly.

How will what you propose solve the impediment caused by tankers packed from Apapa to Marina?

And what if I replace my driver with a robot, what’s the difference?

Good question!

I said,

You have a driver. Most people do not. Thru drive themselves or board commercial buses that are anything but comfortable for the number of hours spent in traffic, daily.

I believe technology would address this problem to a great extent..

Self-driving Electric Vehicles bring multiple benefits… less pollution, less stress (for those who drive themselves). Imagine halving the number of vehicles that commute daily..

The writer insists that we need to learn to walk properly before attempting to run…

He says,

Lagos has an estomated 20 million people. Build a manual train that can move them daily. Build roads for a 20-million city. Build water transportation.

That would ease the mad traffic being experienced now… reduce pressure on the roads.

Electric car is about efficiency. But efficiency is predicated on existence first. If something does not exist, you cannot make it efficient.

Let’s have 1st-level industrial revolution before you start implementing the 4th

While he has some points, he is overlooking some aspects,

I gave my final submission thus,

I believe the problem with Lagos traffic is threefold, mostly..

– There are too many cars (note -not too many commuters) .
– There are too few roads for the number of Vehicles.

-There are too many human drivers who disobey rules, and are inefficient with driving, -being humans.

When you have self driving Electric Vehicles, there is zero emission.Good for us all and the environment. Self driving Vehicles can maintain a fixed distance to the vehicle in front.. through cruise control. You have a drastically reduced incidents of cars brushing each other, which usually results in drivers getting down to speak grammar and cause traffic.

Humans get tired. After a hard day’s work, driving is an extra burden.
When a self-driving car takes over the wheels, the stress level of those that would ordinarily drive goes down drastically. Less high blood pressure. Good for everybody.

Humans driving exhibit road rage due to insane hours spent in traffic. This causes accidents, which in turn exacerbate the traffic situation.

A self driving car has no such human foible.. it lacks emotion, doesn’t get tired, doesn’t lose its temper, etc..


Clearly, adopting Electric Vehicles is a two-edged sword for us as Nigerians since we depend heavily on oil. But, long-term, it is good for us as a nation, and as citizens of the world. Cleaner environment, forces us to have alternative sources of income as a nation, less man-hours wasted in traffic, etc.

The man / woman who is able to successfully implement a solution to the intractable Lagos Traffic problem would have that name carved in gold.. just like the one who is able to solve the electric power monster.

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