Survival, the final word.

He who fights to run, stays alive to fight another day .

I wrote an article asking those in diaspora to put their brains where their country is. The brain drain syndrome would persist if the best brain would not stay in their fatherland and improve thongsy, because they are too smart to keep staying the Jungle called Nigeria.

Of course, a Runaway Computer guru, who has been abroad for 25 years, had a sensible and reasonable take on this issue, and made some insightful comments.

Here it is, in conversational form:

RunAway: All make sense looking from one pane of glass….thank God we are not robots and for diverse opinion.
My question would be when does patriotism become stupidity…when does heroism become suicidal?

SiddonLook: The guy who invented the airplane obviously thought differently. Why can’t you commit suicide to save millions of Life? Marie Curie and others sacrificed their lives for humanity.

RunAway: I no be Jesus na

SiddonLook: If everybody doesn’t want to be Jesus, how would we have Salvation?

RunAway: Every being has a role to play…tell a chef to fly your plane because you are in a hurry, that’s suicide. Everybody cannot be Jesus.. one body, many members…

SiddonLook: That’s just giving excuses. If we all run abroad, who would build Nigeria? Answer me that Oga! The question is simple.

RunAway: An animal in distress in a non conducive clime has the natural instinct to adapt,leave or die…don’t forget not all plants survive in the desert.

SiddonLook: Now, trying obfuscation through philosophy. I no go gree!

RunAway: BTW migration and emigration has been an ingredient for growth and survival. ..check out the animal kingdom. Even uncle XYZ ..sent his children abroad when he saw the light.

SiddonLook: I guess no glass is ever half full or half empty. Depends on perception, really, and none is necessarily the right way of view things. Doesn’t obviate the fact that that, running away from your country is not the way to build it

RunAway: I remember him advising me not to leave way back….if presented with same opportunity, I will do the same thing again…Definitely.

SiddonLook: To help you, you could say , an individual has to survive first, before he has a country to live.

RunAway: Very true…running away is or could be deemed survival instinct a way of escape to conserve my “race”. In this case family.

SiddonLook: There is a guy who is said to have sold his stake in SwiftKey (the Android keyboard app making comoany) and bought a bicycle with the proceeds a few years back. Today, that company he had no faith in has been bought by Microsoft for half a billion Dollars.

RunAway: Bros, dead men can’t fight o. I used to deceive myself. I was an economic migrant when I left…now I have resigned to the fact that. I just went to pave the way for a better tomorrow. Just like lions go kill and bring food to cave for cubs … My excuse. Yep…guilty as charged .Ran away,now wiser, exposed, different mindset but now equipped to build my family (or network).. a subset of the country. If every family diaspora did same the ripple effect can only bring positive change..

But home (Nigeria) na jungle or a lake full of avaricious piranhas. ..

Some in Nigeria are handicapped or incapacitated all in the name of rebuilding the country. Learning from history, no one should go to battle with one bullet…

I don defend myself…

There it is.

Stay at home, amd possibly get consumed, or elope, fortify your armory in saner climes, and come back, better equipped to survive the Jungle called Nigeria?

Your view?

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