Sugary Drinks Ban in New York Invalidated – Court Order

News just coming in today, a day to the proposed ban on large sugary drinks sales in New York, a court order had put paid to the move. You will recall that we published a story about this way back in May 2012. The ban is to take effect from tomorrow 12th march 2013.

The news item is culled from The New York Times and quoted below:

A judge invalidated New York City’s ban on large sugary drinks on Monday, one day before it was to go into effect, dealing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a major blow. The decision by Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr. of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan blocks the city from putting the rules into effect or enforcing them. Justice Tingling said the rule banning the drinks was “arbitrary and capricious.”

Is this a move in the right direction?

Many felt that Mayor Michael Bloomberg acted with conscience out of the need to stem the increasing rise of obesity in this domain. But some feel the ban may not achieve much even though its intention was noble. For example, nothing prevents one from buying small packages of sugary drinks the total of which might be far larger than the banned large drink.

Were this court order to be given in a country like Nigeria with its recent low scores on the judicial incorruptibility, Justice Tingling Jr would have been under suspicion of being bought over by the soft drinks manufacturers.

The full news as given by The New York Times could be accessed here

Care to say anything about this? What is your opinion and what is your solution for stemming obesity and other sugar related complications generally?

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  1. March 22, 2013 at 9:32 am

    The truth about the health implication of soda drinks would never be fully told, just like that of telecom masts. These companies form cartels. ready to distort the truth and quash any threat

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