Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.


You may have heard of the story associated with El-Rufai laments as 50 per cent Kaduna teachers fail primary 4 exams.

Now, the governor is set to sack 22,000 teachers and replace with 25,000 qualified ones. Understandably and unfortunately , there are threats of repercussion from the Union of Teachers.

The Governor Of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El Rufai Has Vowed That No Amount Of Threat From Labour Union Would Make His Government Back Down From Sacking The 22,000 Teachers Who Failed Competence Tests And Replace Them With 25,000 New Qualified Ones.

We should praise the Governor for embarking on the right journey, even if it is not a politically correct thing to do, NOW, for a governor who may want to go for a second term. Electioneering campaigns are already warning up!

A bank in Australia is ditching a whole 12% of its workforce for greater efficiency, so I agree with the Governor that the focus should be on extracting the best productivity from workers at every point in time, not sentiments – sentiments of job losses (well, he is replacing, not eliminating) and the possible electoral backlash during the coming electoral campaigns.

With the Northern part of the country trailing the rest of the country as regards education (educationally disadvantaged), it is a laudable step by the Governor to show these unsuitable teachers the door.

How can you give what you dont have ?

In the 1998 American conspiracy-thriller fil, Enemy of State, someone asked, Who Will Monitor The Monitors?

In a situation where the teachers themselves are in need of basic education, we could similarly ask, Who Will Teach The Teachers?

Many things are wrong with Nigeria, but an illiterate citizenry is the greatest danger to itself in this modern world. The importance of education is demonstrated by the UN prescription of devoting 26% of the National  Budget to Education. We are still not taking education serious (enough) .

2017 Budget: Again, Nigeria Fails To Meet Un Benchmark On Education

It is hoped that Government at all levels would follow the El-Rufai example and give education the serious urgent attention it deserves.

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