Strangulation by Copulation.. the Port Harcourt Story.

In recent times, there seems to be (a) serial killer(s) on the loose in Port Harcourt. Looks like the same person or same group of persons – from the similar modus operandi.

<blockquote>Serial Killings In Rivers: Police Confirm Eight Young Women Killed In Hotels </blockquote> <a href=”″>You can get up to speed here :</a> with this BBC pidgin report.<blockquote>He explained that the victims were always raped with white cloth material around the neck or waist region, which he alleged signified cult action, adding that the suspects usually drugged their victims before strangulating them to death.</blockquote> This indicates there is probably some diabolism involved here . Reminds me of the novel, <a href=””>(Download) Bloodline by Sydney Sheldon</a>where something similar happend, only that in that case there was no diabolism involved. <b>Strangulation after copulation!</b> Predictably and characteristically, the reactionary/ reactive responses come from those who should try to anticipate / prevent crime, rather than run around after a crime has been committed…<blockquote>Police bans all ‘short-time’ in all the hotels in Rivers state</blockquote> <a href=””>Here is the news.</a>Why are we always reactive rather than proactive?In case you don’t know what <b>short-time</b> connotes, it is t illicit sexual escapades in hotels…a married /unmarried man / woman sneaking into a hotel to partake of the sins of the flesh… a clandestine liaison…We all know criminals lie low in hotels or a period of criminal activity until the the heat cools off.In the aftermath of this hotel killings, the police has directed hotel owners to install close circuit television (CCTV) cameras in strategic places all over the place, so that when a crime is committed, they can go back to this video recordings and analyse and hopefully be able to dump the suspect.Supermarkets have this, banks have it, so it makes sense to have those in hotels and even schools (kidnapping).They have been given three weeks to comply or face the Wrath Of The Law.. (By the way, I wonder when the police got invested with the power to make laws rather than enforcing laws… isn’t this a ridiculous country?).So, I ask myself, <blockquote>Having got the video capture of a dastardly act, what database do you compare it against – to nab the culprit?<blockquote>An effective national database with picture and fingerprint capture. Emphasises the absolute imperative of having a <b>credible national database of all citizens in the country.</b> Even if the database is distributed (not centralised) it should be accessible to all the Security Agencies and other relevant government bodies that need it at every point in time.You lodge into a hotel .. get your fingerprint scanned, your photo taken and uploaded to a central database somewhere, either real time, or as a regular activity required of hotels by the security agencies,etc.Surely this is not rocket science?In other more organised societies, the fact that they have a database has made life so easy for them and made the apprehension of criminals very very easy. Why is the Nigerian case so different?The success of the BVN project in the financial sector is something that can be built on nationally to facilitate different kinds of (non financial) criminality..

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