There is the recent news of Sufi spiritual leader hacked to death in Bangladesh. This is following on the heels of other multitudinous religiously motivated attacks in Bangladesh.

Of course, religiously motivated attacks are quite rampant all over the world, a case of My Way, Or the Highway

As a stark contrast to this intolerance, London elects first Muslim mayor. This is a landmark occurrence.

Someone responded,

This is another good win for humanity.

America fired the first salvo by electing a Black President in Barack Obama some eight years ago . The color of a man’s skin is an accident of history. and what he (claims to) worship does not (necessarily) determine the contents of his character. Let us judge people for who they really are, at the core, not the external grandstanding.

I have seen Pastors who treat people with wickedness and cavalier indifference, and are simply fraudulent.

Contrary to what my wife thinks,.. that Edo People are shifty characters and cannot be trusted in business, some of my best long term, most decent customers are Edo, which goes to buttress my point that where a man comes from doesn’t matter. His religion should not matter either !

Another posited,

The Eckists practising Eckankar would tell you their religion is that of illumination ‘(exposing the practitioners to ‘(complete) truth’. Most people would tell your their religion is the best.


Of course, the appropriate religion for everybody is intensely personal, and your concept of what constitutes ‘the truth’ is totally subjective. Clearly, part of ‘live and let live’ and tolerance is eschewing the belief in the supremacy of any religion over another, because none, alone, is ‘the Way’ and none, alone, is ‘the Truth, and none is necessarily the panacea for every single person .

Worship, and let worship!

This concept is also aligned closely to the belief of the superiority of a particular race or tribe over the other. Your tribe, religion, race should not lead to parochialism, or the ‘we against them’ disposition, or ‘I am better than them’ mindset. We should treat humans as humans, not as Caucasians, or Buddhists, Muslim, or whatever, and the World would be a far better place to dwell in

I firmly believe that the human race still has a long way to go before we would have peace, a world where your skin color would matter not, and your religion would be irrelevant.

Bringing this close to home, Nigeria won’t magically become great, and prayers won’t engender a strife free society .

A change of attitude, however, will.

Our attitudes are greatly influenced by what is passed on to us. This is as regards our upbringing, our parenthood, the messages constantly drummed into our ears.

violence in nigeria 3

I doubt if an individual would be a Muslim today if he was raised by staunch Christians in an environment dominated totally by Christianity. So, why castigate a man for something he has not (direct) control over?

The point then is to practically demonstrate to our children and wards, in our daily conduct, that differences in religion , tribe and race should be unifying rather than divisive factors.

There is strength and unity in diversity. The core of a man, and not his (religious) activities, or where he hales from, is what is important, and he should be related to, and treated, on the strength of that, only.

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