The tongue is a two-edged sword… HONEY on one edge and VINEGAR on the other.

Looks like we could easily substitute PEN for TONGUE above.

Evil Persists When Good Men Stand Aloof And DO/ SAY Nothing To Address The Evil

There is supposed to be freedom of expression in Nigeria and a lot of democracies. In repressive societies, merely speaking the wrong thing at the right time can cause you your freedom, or better, your life.

But we are in a democracy.

It is therefore surprising when one hears of people in Authority regarding dissenting opinion as treachery or incitement, and attempting to repress, suppress, or oppress the dissenters.

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It is depressing.

Where, Then, Does Loyalty Start/Begin, Obsequiousness / Hypocrisy Part Ways And Bluntness /Assertiveness Manifest?

It happens on the home front. That domineering father that sees a different view from his, as a challenge to his manhood or authority.

Or, in the workplace. The boss who covertly / overtly punishes assertiveness with denial of promoting or salary increase and encourages docility and bootlicking by rewarding yes-men and yes-women in the organization.

Have a look at recent prime example of attempts by Authority to gag people from expressing themselves:



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