Spare Me The Participation; I Am Particular About Spare Parts.

The plaintive plea..

Please o, Xiaomi People My friends Xoaomi Max 2 went off. Now it doesnt come on

When you plug a charger it flashes notification lights but doesnt come on

This reminds me of my experience with the first ever Tecno Tablets that went to permanent sleep, and never woke up.

Xiaomi is a fast_rising Chinese outfit that manufactures a range of products from.ppwerbanks, to smartphones, to fitness bands, television sets.

The combination of the stylishness and cheapness of their products, specifically smartphones, has made them a darling of many. Xiaomi seems posed to challenge the Tecno, Infinix and iTel in Nigeria.

Many people are buying their phones in droves, because they apparently offer better value for money compared to competition.

But there is a problem.

Xiaomi does not have a presence here. No service center, although there is recent talk that they would soon have a presence here in Nigeria.

I commented,

This complaint cements my earlier expressed belief that it is probably unwise to buy a phone which lacks local support, or spare parts.

I have searched online and there seems to be a number of complaints of Xiaomi phones dying for no particular reason. !

I am not going that route any time soon. .

Someone was quick to provide links online proving that other phones have problems of dying suddenly too. We’ll, I had two Tecno. Tablets die on me, so this is not news.

My response was,

Infinix and Tecno have service centers here to address issues. Where are the Xiaomi centers?

When people salivate over phone brands that lack any presence here ( like Umidigi, Xiaomi, Ulefone, etc), I ask them,

If my Xiaomi fails to turn on, what exactly can I do?

If I drop it on the floor, ,and the screen cracks, where do I go? Wait for a replacement part from China for a month ?

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to be without a phone for that long.

Like with purchasing a car, the availability of spare parts and service centers is vitally important. What would be the essence of a device whose shelf life turns to zero the moment any fault develops that requires a part ?

Ironically, the same Nigerians who would say they can’t use Electric Vehicles because there are no service centers here – are the same ones who would buy an Umidigi whose mere power flex isn’t even available anywhere here.

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