Here are a few interesting tidbits, mostly tech related..

Apple is easily the biggest tech company right now. They have fanatical customer base that ensures the money keeps rolling in. They can afford to sit back à little and reassess things calmly, as we have in After ten years, Apple is totally changing how it makes iPhone software (AAPL)

Yes Apple fans should be relieved that bugs are getting more attention they should from Cupertino. The recent bugs have simply been embarrass.

A buggy phone is no fun, and iProducts are supposed to be about fun, right? Yes, you guessed right. I am no fan of Apple.

Oracle is making a massive investment in 12 new data centers to gain ground on Amazon in the cloud wars (ORCL)

The cloud war is certainly heating up with the major Cloud Warriors being Amazon with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Microsoft with its Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Google with its Google Cloud Services (GCS)

Google is not taking things lying low with Google selling access to its giant AI cloud systems toto get a stronger foothold in the clouds.

It is certainly a race for the clouds, the SpaceX stylee.

More and more gadgets are jettisoning physical buttons. This is not just in phones but with cars like the Tesla where conventionally analogue switches are replaced with a large touchscreen that controls numerous vehicular functions.

Edge to edge screens are touted as a cool feature in many top-end phones, with the iPhone X popularizing this trend even more..

Modern smartphones have been moving in the button_leas direction for a while, but things could be much better. Why would a phone need a physical volume rocker or an analogue ON/OFF switch, when everything can simply be made to be digital touch_activated?

Remember A man of zero parts? The less the moving parts the better the reliability, in any device.

Ask Tesla’s Elon Musk with his electric vehicles.

Have a look at The ideal smartphone is all screen with no buttons or borders — here’s how close it is to becoming a reality

look forward to the day when there wouldn’t be a single physical button on a smartphones .

The intense competition among car makers is not just in the electric vehicle (EV) / self-driving field but also in the CONVENTIONAL gasoline powered field

2018 Hyundai Sonata vs Toyota Camry Gets Compared

The underdog, Hyundai seems to be making news these days, for the right reasons. Other car makers would write-off Hyundai, to their peril.

Yes, experience counts which is why a tear-down of a Tesla Mode S reveals their inexperience in vehicle manufacture, but the days of ’embrace and extend’ are firmly here, making it possible for a newcomer to teach older ‘car manufacturing,’ dogs some new tricks!

With news like 2018 Hyundai Elantra Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Rating and their coming tops in 2018 5-Year Cost to Own Awards: Best Brands, Hyundai seems to have come a long way since the previous years of so-so quality, and they seem set to go even farther.

WhatsApp, and its arch rival, Telegram, keep piling on features upon features in a frenetic race for the fingertips of the users .

Telegram Releases Version 4.8 With Video Streaming And Many More Features while Whatsapp Voice-To-Video Call Switching Goes Live for IPhone Users

Whatsapp is the undisputed king of Instant Messenger in terms of sheer user base, but Telegram is technically superior, and busy snapping at Whatsapp heels . Whatsapp has had to borrow quite a number of leaves from Telegram, with monetization seeming to be the next battle line frontier.

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg would one day buy-up Telegram and seal-up, tight, the Instant Messaging Market for keeps?

The crisscrossing you have in tech circles appears to be as as bad and as shameless as we have among our politicians. The frequency with which talents freely move between companies must be causing lots of disruptions to plans.

You would hear that Tesla’s main guy in charge of battery production for years has quit, or A key Samsung executive who worked on Bixby, Knox, and Samsung Pay is joining Google.

Perhaps some of these companies are so large and have stabilized so much that the exit of specific individuals have very little effect on the stability of the entire system?

If only Nigerian governments would emulate these large companies and be more systems focused instead of individual focused?

It is certainly different strokes for different folks in the cutthroat smartphone vending world. While a Xiaomi would be selling like hot cakes, Essential Phones Only Sold 88,000 units in 2017.

While Tesla’s Elon Musk can keep overpromising and underdelivering in the electric vehicle world, clearly the smartphone world is not as forgiving.


There you have them. News of interest for the week

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