“Nothing In The World Is More Dangerous Than Sincere Ignorance And Conscientious Stupidity.”

There is the saying that ‘What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You’ .

That’s a lie from the pit of hell.

Actually, What you don’t know can KILL you.

When we were very small, our mum was in the habit of putting camphor balls in “portmanteau” where clothes are stored. We never seemed to have any personal deleterious side effect from the use of these pungent smelling things, and they were very effective in keeping those repugnant horrible insects away from kitchens and cupboards, as well

The use of camphor (naphthalene) balls and its variants (there are many types in the market now) was supposedly to keep the house generally insects free. Distributing camphor balls liberally is also done where books are stored.. to ensure that cockroaches don’t ruin seldom read books and documents. Cockroaches managing to squeeze onto electronic circuit boards like you have in your television set or other electronic home appliances could eventually cause a short circuit and spoil your gadget.

Recently, we scattered those balls around the house as cockroaches, for some reason, seemed to suddenly show their ugly faces late at night. You go to get a glass of water from the fridge at midnight and you see some of them holding a nocturnal conference ! Ouch!

The house is not a pigsty, its reasonably kept clean. so we couldn’t understand the cause of the sudden cockroach infestation.

So, we liberally scattered camphor balls all around the house to drive the tiny things away. After about three days, we noticed that almost all of us in the household sneeze vigorously and repeatedly and have runny noses when we wake up in the morning.

In my neck of woods, we have this saying,

A Witch Wailed Yesterday, The Child Dies Today; Who Wouldn’t Put Two And Two Together And Conclude That The Witch Is Responsible For Magically Killing The Child?

I told myself those camphor balls must be the ‘witch’ causing us to have leaky noses.

These days, available search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and others make access to information in any area of human endeavor a breeze.

I quickly googled …

‘Camphor Balls and side effects’.

Behold, I was right.!

We have unknowingly been exposing ourselves to a health hazard in our quest to keep those cockroaches at bay!

You may want to have a look at this Information About Camphor Balls.

My people perish for lack of knowledge

To summarize, use camphor balls sparingly, in enclosed compartments ONLY. They emit noxious gases as they dissolve into the atmosphere, which deprive the environment of oxygen. Obviously, that can not be good for your lungs and brain. You could suffocate in your sleep. They are especially bad for children, as their brain and lungs are still developing and shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of abuse.

With all sorts of Chinese products flooding our market, it is important that we are diligent in finding out information about the products we use, both the ones we ingest as food / drinks, rub on our bodies as powder /cream / soap, and the ones we inhale like insecticides / deodorants.

NAFDAC and n other government agencies responsible for maintaining standards should stay on top of their statutory functions. The recent insistence on the Nigerian Bottling Company putting warnings about the danger of swallowing CocaCola / Sprite with Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is a good one.

Household items should have warning (where appropriate) so that ignorance does not cause us to harm ourselves while innocently using them.

Not only can Mouth Action Be Dangerous To Your Health, clearly what you breathe could cause you cancer down the line, or years.

Now you know.

Thank you Google!.

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