I have just read a report Thriving Businesses Around Allen Avenue’s Commercial Sex Hub


When asked how much he makes per night, Deolu replied that the least he makes is N20,000 per night.

That’s a cab driver making what a graduate doesn’t make, doing office job of.nine hours daily,  in a month.

Somebody cynically says,

A chimpanzee can be taught to drive a cab. A no-brainer that any idiot can do.. Driving for a living..

With self driving cars taking over gradually, who even needs humans to drive?

Yet another extract,

Per night, I earn as much as N20,000 and on a poor day, I earn at least N5,000 to N10,000 without paying for rent or anything, the only thing I pay for is condom to protect myself.

Where is the incentive for people to get skills to do honest work when mediocrity seems to pay so much more ? Shouldn’t skilled work pay far more than unskilled work?

Someone was of the opinion that skill doesn’t have to be technical for it to be considered skill. He believes even a prostitute needs skills to do what she does.too!

(Just lying there to earn a living doesn’t seem to reauire a lot of skill – to me),

It is a sad thing indeed if unskilled work earns far more than skilled in any society.

In Cuba, I read a story about cab drivers making far more than medical professionals at a point. Where is the incentive for putting in years of grinding work into skills acquisition if society seems to appreciate other things (by forwarding them more, financially)? Should a top rated musician or comedian really be earning more than an anesthesiologist??

Someone believes that, as an educated / skilled person, you are in a better position to make your Epson count, make better.progress than the undedicated / unskilled ones.

Truly, that’s the essence of education – to broaden the mind, but is that what we find in the country, presently? While the task of logical reasoning should not be left solely to schools,   education is  supposed to do that.

Does being educated (“skilled”) actually impede being as successful as the uneducated folks – in real life, in Nigeria.?

Parrot_like memorization and recall that we call schooling today should not stop us from thinking for ourselves.. knowing how to structure an argument and being able to reason coherently, plan diligently or execute with precision…

Whereas some classes require that one write what the lecturer wants to see, that should not stop anyone from seeing the bigger picture of life. We should learn to associate, more, the process of learning in school to solution to real life issues.

Lecturers should ensure that no one passes an exam in a class if they simply “memorize and deliver’. That way, the current affliction of educated /skilled people doing worse in life than unskilled illiterates is addressed somewhat. You are forced to be a thinker.

Would you rather set your child ion the path of solid financial footing by quickly adopting what society seems to reward better.. like being a transporter from an early age and piling up the cash, or, would you encourage your ward to choose a safe skilled profession like being an Accountant?

What’would be the essence of a ‘skilled’ professional  that is not ‘skilled’ in fending adequately for himself and family? Would you be a car dealer if you could earn ten times what you would earn being an electrical engineer??

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