Sink Your Fangs Into This Healthy Advice.

A stitch in time saves (ca)nines.

Something that was supposed to be a simple tooth extracrion turned into an orgy of pain .

Dentists came to the conclusion that a particular tooth needs to be extracted. For hours, they fruitlessly struggled to remove the tooth.

No dice!

The local anesthetics applied to deaden the pains – over ten shots of them all- couldn’t do the job.

Eventually, the extraction was successful but the pain I went through was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Now, the idea of an adult man screaming in pain like a woman giving birth, or someone undergoing some particularly brutal Chinese torture had me in stitches… laughing .

Yes, I am that insensitive, sadistic and callous. Shoot me!

My candid unfeeling advice to him?

If you want healthy teeth tomorrow, brush your teeth today.

Keep brushing!

Of course, if it is too late, it is to late. You can’t draw back the hands of the clock- at least not figuratively.

Dig your well before you are thirsty. Maintain dental hygiene before it is too late and you won’t have carpenters armed with tooth removers drilling into your gums to pull out some bloody rotten smelly tooth . Habits of a lifetime have a way of coming to bite us in the jaw

Brushing your teeth regularly culminates in healthy teeth in the long term. Like that car that is not meticulously maintained according to the service schedule of the manufacturer, the deleterious effect will eventually manifest.. not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. same thing with the human body.

Dental habits are like financial habits. They have compounding results, as habits of a lifetime eventually manifest as time inexorably marches on.

Living a diligently financially responsible life gives us a financially stable tomorrow (if tomorrow comes)…. Habits..

If you are careless with any of these two, financial and bodily health, the result may not manifest immediately or quickly.. that would be later. Finances in tatters, or a mouth full of gaping holes where decayed teeth have been yanked out in a bloody mess.

Smile while you still have teeth

The financial pains of years of careless financial habits are not very different from the physical pains of teeth being pulled out. Regrets, as you can not grow new teeth as an adult. Neither can anyone mend his finances completely at a later stage in life. If it’s too late, it…yeah, you got it.

What we should have been doing methodically over time then takes on a toga of urgency.

Like somebody said,

Urgent things are seldom important while important things are seldom urgent.

It is when you neglect to attend to important things that they suddenly become urgent.


Don’t leave until tomorrow what you should do today.

Don’t neglect your dental and other bodily hygiene. Pay punctilious attention to your body (not just the teeth) the same way you do to your finance . And both your body and finances should easily last you a lifetime.

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