The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. —
H.L. Mencken

It is often said that ‘age is a matter of the mind: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’. The mind, the age of the mind, that’s the more important factor.

What this is saying is that your physical age may not be as debilitating as the age of your ideas. While the physical age of anything or anyone is a physical handicap, your mental acuity can often amply substitute for that.

This concept of mental age being of greater importance was forcefully brought to me when I stumbled upon a spanking new Android software, improving on an existing ‘one of a kind’ app called [Type Machine] and adding some icing to the palatable cake.

Being an App-Junky, I rushed to the Google Play Store to attempt to install the app so as to assess its features. Alas, I ran into a brick wall!. This particular app, called [Inputting+] can not install / run on my two-year old device, a Tecno Phantom AIII because my Android OS version is too old (4.2.2) and this new app requires a minimum Android version of 5.0!

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This immediately brought to my mind a similar experience with a new app released by the makers of the popular [SwiftKey Keyboard], called [Clarity Keyboard] which I couldn’t install on my ageing device , due to Operating System obsolesce.This is about three months ago.

Now, I am not in the habit of changing my smartphone often, with the average time of use being four years. Hardware changes on devices are not simply compelling enough for frequent device upgrades, for me. Like a car being like any car, as long as it gets you competently from point A to B, I tend to keep my phones and cars longer than most.

The usefulness of a device is a function of the apps it can run, With the newer apps beginning to require the more recent versions of the OS to operate, it is looking like my target of using this Tecno Phantom AIII for another three years (making a total of five) may be dead in the waters.

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Clearly, while physical device hardware age may be manageable or circumnavigable, being saddled with a device that cannot have its OS upgraded looks like a great handicap.

That’s why, as we age physically, the need to perpetually upgrade mentally (by keeping abreast of new knowledge) becomes even more strident.

Device age is a matter of the version of your OS. If the mental age is constant (via OS upgrade), it wouldn’t matter much. And this has taught me the importance of choosing a device whose OS is upgradeable.

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