Senate House Of Commotion

The case of two members of the Senate, Dino Melaye and Oluremi Tinubu going at each others’ throat is still fresh in the public mind.

If you are not aware of this altercation, in the “HOllowed” Chambers here is the story and a reaction by Mr Bola Tinubu, the ruling party Chieftain.

The distinguished Senator Dino Melaye is reported to have threatened to impregnate and beat up Mrs Oluremi Tinubu due to some verbal attack by Mrs Tinubu.

The press and the public were agog / intrigued more about the impregnation threat of a post- menopausal woman than the beating up part, as Dino is known to be quite handy with fisticuffs to recalcitrant women.

This drama reminds one vividly of the case of the Governor of Ekiti State who is always in the news for insalubrious reasons.

Of course, there have been different sides to the matter, with some saying Dino was deeply thug-like in his reaction to an abuse from a woman fellow Senator.


The following are some cabinet appointments.

A disgrace to the Senate is a gross understatement. Dino is really a sick man that should be shoved out of the hallowed chambers of the Senate and away from any public service role.

Perhaps his case should be the trial case for using the constitutional provision for a RECALL of recalcitrant legislators. We can’t allow his insanity to fester or how else can one treat a man who “threatens to beat up and impregnate another man’s wife”.

Another responded…

There is nothing ‘hallowed’ anymore in our senate chamber under Bukola Saraki. The chamber has been polluted and desecrated thus far, with polarisation, rudeness, indecent behaviour, insulting provocations and unparliamentary remarks being the order of the day.

The principal pastime has been intimidating executive functionaries in government with incessant summons. Do we really need this chamber? Is one chamber not enough?

Of course we have seen the case of a former Senate President himself being physically held from physically attacking a member of the House! Imagine!


Someone opined ..

Senators Melaye and Remi Tinubu both exhibited behaviours more common with motor park touts.

When we have even a governor physically beating up someone after locking him up in Government House, there is trouble in the land.

Yet another queried the lopsidedness of the blame allocation, like the Buhari cabinet allocations’ supposed lopsidedness in geographic distribution..

I think we are missing out on an important point. We need to see how a troublesome woman comports herself to realize she can make sane men utter the most outlandish things, and behave in the most irrational way.

A quarrelsome woman is as annoying as constant dripping on a rainy day.

Why should she be calling a fellow Sensor a thug, and pointing her hands into his face? A woman can bring out the animal / beast / best in a man.

Isn’t it said that action and REACTION are EQUAL and OPPOSITE? I think both of them equally need to be disciplined for their conduct, but then, in a House where people climbed fences to enter the Hallowed Chamber, are we surprised at the rambunctiousness we regularly get inundated with? A film called Senate House Of Commotion. Star Actor & Actress entertaining all.


This point of view was supported , thus..

Two supposed Honorable fellows were both behaving dishonorably in Senate then we focus on one and exonerate the other of any wrongdoing without any proof he made such grossly bad statement having him publicly deny making such to the press.

Meanwhile, the woman in question has been found wanting earlier, misbehaving on more than two occasions .. just like the man too. I more than think that always taking sides and speaking in favour of our political friends is injurious to us. There is surely no good in it and it is destructive to our national fabric.

Both were wrong and both are a disgrace to the Senate.

And the opposing camp has this to say…

dino melaye

I think the issue here is about a REACTION that is not EQUAL to the ACTION (the causative factor). Appropriate reactions to actions is a question of judgement.

Though Mrs Tinubu’s utterances are provocative (I condemn and discourage them), they were not enough to make Dino descend to this very low depth.

If Dino actually threatened to impregnate a much older married woman, and then followed up by showing up on her street, then he’s sank to a new low — even by his already low standards.

During a later press conference, Dino was said to have expressed concerns that his mission may be not realised — because she may be menopausal!! We can only hope that this is enough to dissuade him.

Dino, who is notorious for beating up his wives and engaging in fist fights within the hallowed chamber, is a very good example of the bad kind of politicians we should rid our system of. The moral implication of his fights and utterances to the society can be dire and should be condemned by all who wish this country well.

Mr. Tinubu should get a temporary restraining order against Dino for his wife..

Maturity and a wholesome temperament should be a required “anointing” for those who aspire to high public office. Former Governor Amaechi endeared himself to many for his maturity and calm demeanor in the face of extreme provocation by the then first lady Patience Jonathan. One can readily imagine Dino’s reaction in that situation.

I think we should hold our leaders to higher standards because the issues at stake are not comical ones. These guys guide the destiny of millions of Nigerians. .


And the friendly conversation ended on this humorous note, viz..

Meanwhile, I think we need some occasional comic relief from time time from Aspiring Nollywood Actors & Actresses in The House.

By the way, I also think some women need to be IMPREGNATED !!

Is There Any Circumstance Where A Man Would Threaten To Beat Up A Woman (Married Or Not), Or Man? Even In A Court Of Law, Killing Can Be Justified. Depends On The Causative Factor. Enough Provocation.

Can We ,Standing On The Outside Really Judge The Response Level To A Provocation? Would A Reaction Occur Without A Corresponding Action?.

The Weightlessness Of Anger.


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