“I’ve fallen in love” screamed Maya. The fact that this action had occurred several times in the past and had lasted only a couple of months on each occasion was moot as we celebrated new love. Who cared whether it was gonna last a week or a lifetime? New love is always sweet.

As my sister, I’d long tired of advising her not to keep giving her heart away so easily. She never listened anyway. Today she’d be telling me how ‘Tony’ is the ‘one’ and tomorrow she’d come crying of heart break. It was surreal. Still, I rejoiced with her. Now I wish we had relocated to Taiwan instead of the emotional ordeal they put each other through.

Damen was a physics department graduate of my sisters university. He was my friend. I knew him well. Well enough that I nicknamed him D’nova. He was a cassonova through and through. His heart was almost never tied down to anyone. But when it was, o it was magic. Just watching him and his girl could make a monk renounce his vow. When he loved, he loved completely. So even if I was a bit skeptical when Maya made her announcement, I was sure she’d have the time of her life.

They were good together. So good I actually avoided them. I could only stand so much joy and happiness from a couple that’s made up of my friend and my sister when I was single myself. I mean, he did all the little romantic things. Like once when he came visiting, and she was across the room from him playing a game with other friends and he sat watching her then sent her a text that he missed her. Yes, you guessed right, it melted her. I was sure their would be a love that lasted when the troubles began…

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