A Silly Idea Is Current That Good People Do Not Know What Temptation Means. This Is An Obvious Lie. Only Those Who Try To Resist Temptation Know How Strong It Is… A Man Who Gives In To Temptation After Five Minutes Simply Does Not Know What It Would Have Been Like An Hour Later. That Is Why Bad People, In One Sense, Know Very Little About Badness. They Have Lived A Sheltered Life By Always Giving In.

C.S. Lewis

So, someone posts on Facebook,

53,000 Condoms Distributed At CALABAR FESTIVAL This Year By UNFPA.On A Serious Note, Borrowed Culture Should Be Dumped. The Level Of Moral Decadence In This Country In The Name Of Fun Is Becoming Outrageous. We Hear Of These Kind Of Thing At Brazilian Carnivals! Instead Of Distributing Morals, Virtues, Values, Culture, Food Etc, We Are Distributing Condoms! Someone Even Had The Audacity To Say Justify This By Saying The Condom Is To Protect And Prevent Epidemic Of STD.

I feel his pain, having a teenage daughter. Following is this conversation for, and against, this distribution of condoms, and the decrying of things like this Calabar Carnival that can encourage sexual promiscuity (condom or not).The first salvo was by someone who feels distributing the condoms is a good thing to do.

But that’s correct.  Nothing wrong with the distribution. Should we just look the other side and pretend like those peeps aren’t having unsafe sex?.

You miss the point, bro. We are  condemning acts likely to promote immorality in society.When your daughter grows to be 12, hand condoms over to her, you hear? Nothing wrong with giving condoms to a twelve year old too, abi. After all, they probably “do it” too. Besides, secondary school students have sex everywhere, so we might as well give them IUCD, condoms and all the rest.. Right. All these foreign adoptions that promote all sordrastically. Sigh.

Big Brother nonsense. A medical. doctor chips in:

That is why HIV continues to rise in Nigeria and countries that promote proper condom use are reducing their HIV prevalence drastically. It is the poor I pity… Religion would not be there to save them when HIV and other STDs with hefty hospital bills come knocking.

I think the Calabar Carnival (and similar) encourages risky behavior by giving the impression that “protection” solves the sexual permissiveness problem. And who says condoms totally stop all infections anyways?

Churches should do their part and preach abstinence while doctors push for condom use for those that can’t abstain.You can’t fight the war with abstinence only. You would just be deceiving yourself

You can’t preach abstinence while simultaneously distributing the protection. Why abstain, when protection is offered , free? If you are totally sure you would neither catch a disease nor get pregnant, why would you abstain from sex, despite religious posturings, Most probably won’t. This is the basis of my opposition to distribution of contraceptives at sporting events and fortified orgies like this Calabar Festival. Someone makes another case for the impact of free condoms on preventing deadly sexually transmitted diseases:

Reports say HIV prevalence has dropped in the state from 12% to 4% since they started sharing condom

I guess Calabar is already known for sexual licentiousness, generally, so it’s believable. Somebody told me long ago that sex to Calabarians is no more than shaking hands…

Yes o! Right from the time of our forefathers.. No be today e start

Why don’t they distribute condoms in NYSC camps too? Or, they do, now? In my days, there was far more chastity.Why not distribute them in mosques and churches too, if all we are after is preventing STD and unwanted pregnancies…. Let’s just distribute them all over. Nonsense.

I  think Churches and mosques preach abstinence for moral reasons. Maybe they can add the condoms for effectiveness.

I would love to know….what happens to demoting activities that encourage sexual depravity, like this Calabar Shindig?: What’s the purpose, apart from ogling ..? And what does ogling lead to, other than whip up libido?

The doctor comes in again:

I’m all for 12 year olds being lectured on condom use. Young people get exposed to all sorts of sexual stimulants these days. Quite early too. If you don’t want to teach your young teenager safe sex and limit it to that, that’s fine but don’t just come ranting when she gets an STD, or worse, gets pregnant  . These kids learn a lot from their peers.

With the number of child pregnancies I’ve seen in this Calabar.. only widespread use of condom can save them…  Preaching abstinence is a waste of time, and is simply ineffective. Maybe in some other sexually less licentious place as this Calabar, yes, but not here..  Peer pressure is strong… Even among so called older adults.

Even in Abuja too.. My youth corper friend that worked in HIV counseling during service year.. if you hear his gists… HIV is very prevalent in Abuja. So rampant, its scary o! I hear in South Africa, it is more rampant than malaria  sef. Many Young fresh girls and guys trooping in for anti retroviral drugs Some of these young folks act like dogs, Lord have mercy.

Abstinence don’t work anymore with puberty and hormones raging everywhere. This is me being realistic, I’m close to these girls. I’m someone they can date so they are free with me. The school I taught while on break, two of these girls had a crush on me and unlike what I used to know, they didn’t hide it..So, what’s the way forward?.

Very young folks keeps getting bombarded with materials that tend to make them engage I’m special activities very early. Would the preaching of morals, abstinence, etc be the way go?

Or, should we just tackle the problem headlong, distribute condoms everywhere very young folks of both sexes mix together?

A mixture of the two action steps?


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