This is the era of politics.  And the National religious fervour is at an all-time high. The business terrain is ultra competitive. Out of these three,  the issue that is most impactful is our choice of people who will be in charge of our national affairs, for the next four years.

By Valentine’s Day,  we would be choosing whether to continue the status quo,  or embrace the opportunity to turn around the ship of state. The choice we make,  or choose not to make,  would (positively / negatively)  impact the future of the country,  going forward.

In the often passionate discuss of what is wrong / right with the Nigerian nation,  what / who needs to be removed / installed in governance,  one thing that has been outstanding is the very deep similarity between politics,  business and religion. The tactics used in pushing your position,  entrenching your dominance,  and weakening ‘opposition ‘ are so similar. You could take the shine off the adversary by demarketing.  Or,  misinforming. A lie repeated often enough begins to sound like the truth,  because humans learn and assimilate (mis)  information via repetition.

A pedestrian  business service ,  unimpressive religion and lacklustre politicking could be made to look resplendent by incessant negative noise about what the  alternative offers. A sage once said that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. The idea is that,  most human beings often examine issues based on preconceived notions,  biases and parochial self

When you are trying to push forth reasons why Candidate A may be better than Candidate B for a particular official position,  or why a specific religion may be the best path to ‘Home ‘, or why this business offers more value than the other, most humans are hardly analyzing the (mis) information they are being exposed to. They are mostly aligning with opinions that corroborate what they have already internalized.

Is Toyota a better brand than hyundai?  Does a Tecno offer more bang for bucks than the typical Samsung.?  Perhaps atheism is a better line to reach ‘home’?

Most people already have a hardline posture,  and the logic of Plato or Aristotle can not shift them. Lots of intellectuals delude themselves into thinking they are analyzing issues on the basis of logic,  rationality,  and hard cold facts, the truth is that many conclusions reached are hardly ever based on objective analyses. And this is why I like to say that objectivity and subjectivity are actually Synonyms .. the man who claims he is being objective is judging that trait based on his subjectivity,  still. While it should possibly be excusable for a young mind to be easily impressionable,  based on information exposed to,  a mature mind should also guard against having ideas set in concrete.

Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with
self-actualization…Bo Bennett

As we mature individually ,  and nationally,  it is hoped that we become wiser (by making wise choices based on clinical / critical thinking),  assume greater understanding,  and become a
self_actualized  nation tapping correctly into our naturally given human and natural assets / resources .

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