You often hear the saying that the world is a global village, a world with no intellectual or economic borders. This is mostly true.

Where I object to this platitude is its application to people who flee their country to work in another man’s land, with the excuse that the situation in their own country is not salubrious.

Traveler, there is no path; paths are made by bold humans.

If you use the excuse that the world is a global village and you are free to choose where to make a living and live, then you have no moral right to complain about things being bad and remaining bad in the country you have left to its devices.

The discussion about staying in your country to build the country started when someone mentioned the importance of having a strong vision to succeed in life. To build a country, the citizens of that country must have a strong vision, as foreigners will not build your country for you.

How then would you build your country if all the best brains have eloped, or are planning to abandon the country because of the numerous problems militating against being your best, in Nigeria?

Here is some banter among friends. One is a RunAway Medical Doctor to Obodo Oyinbo, always paying lip service to rebuilding Nigeria, while safely resident in Canada with his family, but only coming around occasionally to visit.

He does not have to contend daily with kidnapping, appalling traffic, armed robbery, epileptic power supply, sporadic /intermittent fuel shortages and sickening corruption in governance, and all the other numerous problems a permanent resident in Nigeria has to cope with, daily.

Talking about vision and foresight, Dr. XYZ has conveniently relocated his family to already made Canada while we the ones “without vision” are left to take the pains of rebuilding it, with the associated hardships.

Doctor XYZ has very good vision and mission, of course. A mission and vision to enjoy the good life for himself and his family. Quite laudable! Yeah!.

When we eventually make Nigeria to work again, the ones with “vision” will come back with their vision. Issorait, God dey.

If we all emigrate, who will stay to rebuild the country? I have always asked the emigrées, and they usually suddenly regress into incoherence.

And the runaway Doctor, fruitlessly tries to defend his lack of patriotism…

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Doc XYZ: People live in London or New York or Sweden or Toronto and do business in Nigeria. I’m not the first. Still a focused Nigerian.

Me: See how Dear Doctor has suddenly switched to the Incoherent Mode, people?

Doc XYZ: I still have family, and friends, and investments, and assets in Nigeria. So, what in heaven are you guys saying??

Me: You can’t leave your house burning, run to another man’s house to go and watch Tales By Moonlight, then come back when the fire has been extinguished in your house to enjoy normalcy na. If that’s not cowardice, what is?

Business from Canada will not afford us the qualified medical personnel desperately needed down here, do not fret it

Doc XYZ: No one has completely left Nigeria There is no year I do not visit Nigeria. I’ve paid my dues, people. I may have even contributed more to the Nigerian Project more than all of you combined!

Me: Yeah, right!. And, please stop already with this attempt at justifying your decision to leave your dear country high and dry. You keep coming back to check if the environment has been made salubrious for you and your family to come back and enjoy. Issorai, God dey.

Doc XYZ: Last I checked, relocating to another part of town isn’t a criminal offence.The world is a global village. The earlier you recognize this, the better for you.
Even when things were better for Nigeria and Nigerians, people migrated.

Me: You have no vision for Nigeria and decided to abandon Nigeria but you will still want to come back tomorrow if things start working again.You lack vision for Nigeria and that’s a very bad thing.

Don’t go hoping that things will magically become better in Nigeria. Humans have to make this happen. Come back here and start working to better Nigeria, that’s what people with vision do.

Doc XYZ: Relocating doesn’t mean you lack vision for Nigeria, I insist. Physical location doesn’t mean a thing. I’m Nigerian means I’m Nigerian and I’m a Nigerian.

Me: It’s not a crime to leave Nigeria but it’s lack of vision to leave Nigeria to go working in a country where you hope to make more money when we do not have enough talented medical hands here.

Doc XYZ: Go and ask talented medical hands to tell you how much he is unappreciated in the states that they work.

Me: And you just don’t believe that things could improve, or you even work hard towards improving the situation? If those Europeans or Americans had eloped when things were also bad for them, would they have built a nation Nigerians migrate to now? By the way, How many of your Canadian friends have jokingly told you they wish to migrate to your country?

I actually can’t help laughing at the stuttering incoherence of the Great Doctor XYZ, as he tries fruitlessly to fend off attacks on why he fled his burning country to cool down in another man’s already made country. This is pathetic.

Even here, he admitted running off because the medical professionals are not appreciated or properly remunerated, forgetting that he could stay and try to ameliorate things. Azamataoffact, you don’t run away from a bad situation. You stay and confront it like a man. You abandoned Nigeria and claim to be doing so because of your DISbelief in the Nigerian project, who do you leave the rebuilding work for then?

And there it ends.

What moral right do those in diaspora have in criticizing while standing afar? If a fire is burning, should you not be actively involved in extinguishing the fire, instead of standing at a safe place and castigating the fire fighters for not putting out the fire in a jiffy?

We implore all those Professionals to put their brains where their country is, and stop underdeveloping the country by staying away from the Nigerian Rebuilding Project….

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