Printing from Phone Without Laptop

In my last article, I promised to give a step by step guide on how to print documents or anything you need to print directly from your phone without the need for a laptop or computer. Let us do that now.

Android phone or tablet with USB OTG capability (Android 4.4 upwards)
A USB OTG cable
HP Printer and printer USB cable
HP Printer Services Plugin app

How to:
First go to play store and download/ install HP Printer Services Plugin or click here if you are reading this on the android phone or tablet you intend to connect with the printer.
After installing, go to settings on your phone and scroll down. You will see Printing below Accessibility in settings. Click on this to open and enable HP Printer Services Plugin.


When successfully done, the plugin will start scanning for printer. (Please note that if you have HP Printer with Bluetooth or wifi facility, these can be used for connection thus bypassing cable.) Close settings.

Power on your HP Printer and connect the USB printer cable. Then connect the OTG cable to the printer’s USB cable. Next connect the OTG cable to your phone or tablet. A dialog box as shown below will appear. Click OK.

Open your document or whatever you want to print in the phone or tablet. Click on option and choose print or print all depending on what you want to print.

If you are using document viewer like WPS, you will have the option of previewing before printing.

The printer dialog box will open when you click Print and you select the connected printer. Here you also select number of copies, Paper Size, Color, and Orientation.

Then you click Print and let the printer do the rest. If you want further options, you click on Printer settings.

Following the above, you should have a good print with same quality as that from laptop.

The above guide is for HP Printer with an android device. There are plugins for Canon and Epson Printers and for Samsung as well. I am using HP and HP Printers are very common in our environment here hence my choice of HP Printers.

Let us have your comments and let us know if you run into any problem using the steps above.

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  1. steve
    December 22, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Thanks for this doc

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