Date: October 7th 2014

I appreciate all your wonderful comments and warm reception in the prequel to this story. So sorry for the delay, now back to what happened on the 7th of October.


I didn’t mention that Shola still didn’t “score” with the chic (his date as earlier mentioned) as she insisted on sleeping alone in the sitting room while Shola and I shared the bedroom (and like I hinted initially the sitting room is shared by all the other occupants, so no privacy – you won’t want to “score” in such an open place). Sensing what happened I made up my mind that morning to do all my shopping early enough and head back yo Ife same day. As all my male readers will agree its against the guy code for a gentleman to come between another gentleman and his lady.


We got on a bus and arrived at the CMS bus stop. Just opposite us was an imposing Gothic styled Cathedral arguably one of the finest I’ve seen in Nigeria, I later found out it was this Cathedral that gave the bus stop its name – CMS being an abbreviation for Church Missionary Society, but the actual name of the Cathedral is Christ Church Cathedral.

20632946Just a short walk and we got into the bustling Marina Market on Lagos Island, we tried as we could to ignore persistent beckons from traders trying to get customers. After a while I noticed about three guys with age ranging from late twenties to mid thirties stalking us, entering any bend or building with us – mehn would they mug us? That was when Shola told me they were hustlers and they help secure customers for traders for a fee from such traders.


First on my list was to get a black suit, on getting into a suit shop one of the three guys approached us and said he knew were we could get quality suits and true to his words we got to a shop with quality, fancy suits at equally fancy prices, I let him know my budget and he took us to another shop were we got a fair bargain. This guy turned out to be our guide around the market taking us from shop to shop. Shola and I got matching suits, shirts and ties since he was my best man, I got a shoe and belt also so i will be looking all brand new on my wedding as the occasion demands except for my watch, because my wife to be called me at the last minute to get her a watch, so since I was working on a slim budget I had to get her one at my expense, but hey I loved it, I’ll just give my watch a wipe and it should look good as new.


So ended my wedding shopping, I gave our guide N500 for his time, he seemed satisfied as he was off – very likely to get his pre agreed commission from the traders we patronised. I said my thanks to Shola and i was on my way to Ojota where I’ll board another bus to Ife.


Kindly wish me well as I follow the matrimonial path taken by countless people over the ages, kindly wish me well as I walk my bride down the aisle come November.




Its been almost a week now since this trip was made, did Shola finally “score” with that chic? I didn’t bother to ask because in Kermit’s words “That’s non of my business” *sips tea*.





William West is a scientist, a social critic, and a writer.

His articles will be appearing on our site from time to time.

William West is actually getting married come 1st november .

We at deolaonline wish him a happy and successful married life in advance



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