Political Gangsterism, a la Nigerianna

Those who CAST the votes decide NOTHING.

Those who COUNT the votes determine EVERYTHING

– Josef Stalin

Nowhere else can this be more true than in the current political terrain of Nigeria.

Finland’s Government Resigns Over Failed Healthcare Reform

To a Nigerian living in Nigeria, this sounds like Tales By Moonlight.

Government officials hardly ever voluntarily resign their position here, no matter what. If they do, they are likely doing that to pursue a higher government appointment.

Even when caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they hang on tenaciously – until/unless booties out.

Someone quipped,

Finland is a country where the peoples’ votes count. Not where elections are do-or-die affairs, and riffraffs rig themselves into important positions of power, and hold us all by the jugular.

Reports across the country after yesterday’s governorship and other elections show that we are truly far from civilization.

I weep for my country, Nigeria

This line of thinking was corroborated by somebody saying,

As long as people can usurp the rule of law with impunity, knowing that they will always get away with it, we don’t stand a chance in getting out of this odoriferous mess.

Even when politicians / government officials are found blatantly perpetrating illegalities, they never ever relinquish their official position willingly.

The Kemi Adeosun (former Minister of Finance) vase is an exception, but most will remain adamantly in the position and nothing will happen to them.

A school mate was narrating the state of out political processes when he said,

I am on ground here in Ibadan, and I relate with some traders and market women.

Some of them were whipped and beaten after the last presidential for voting for a particular party.

As at today a number of the market women and traders are scared and confused. Some will not even vote.

Lists of traders are being compiled for the Saturday election. At the last Presidential election at my ward, attendance were taken. I challenged the rationale behind it.

I later discovered that it was a compilation of market people that must show evidence of having at at the polling unit, as directed, to avoid being sanctioned and caned.

The stubborn ones that don’t comply and vote as directed stand the chance of being marked, and even losing their stalls.

This is Oyo politics in action.

I want to believe voter intimidation like this is not limited to a particular place. Buy the votes, compel / coerce people, or sometimes scare antagonists and / or Polling Units Officials away.

Politics a la Nigerianna.

You hear of news like :

Many INEC offices being set in fire

BREAKING: House of reps member shot dead in Ibadan

BREAKING: TheCable reporter attacked at polling unit of Okorocha’s in-law

Four INEC officials abducted in Benue

Vote buying: EFCC arrests Ogun house of assembly candidate

BREAKING: ‘Thugs’ set ballot boxes, card readers on fire in Benue

..and you just wonder, when would Nigeria get these things right – if ever?

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