Phone Screen Size – How Large Can It Get

A friend once saw me taking a call on my Samsung Galaxy Note. She exclaimed: Wow! What’s that thing? A phone or a tablet? I just smiled and handed it over to her to judge for herself. Believe me, she was on a long distance call within minutes asking her London based boyfriend to send her one. That’s how captivating this phone can be and the ability to do this is not in the software or the usability but rather in the large screen size. Samsung gambled on the screen size and it paid off. The success story is not a secret. In fact, we are looking forward to a Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note

Talking of a Galaxy Note 2, MK Business News – a Korean based news media says in a publication yesterday 7th July, 2012 “Samsung Electronics will be releasing a successor model to its Galaxy Note in October this year, which will come in a slightly larger 5.5 inch display.” It went on to say the unveiling will take place during the IFA 2012 (a consumer electronics show usually held in Berlin, Germany in late-August). It is unclear what other features will be included but speculations are rife that it would come with a quad core processor and will sport a 12 or 13 megapixel main camera along with the Jelly Bean android 4.1 OS.


That’s what I call building on the success of the Galaxy note. But Samsung is not the only one cashing in on large display. Remember LG Optimus Vu? It has a 5 inch display (but with a 4:3 aspect ratio which some may find uncomfortable).

LG Optimus Vu compared with iPhone 4S

Smartphones with large displays have come to stay. Many of us using the Galaxy Note have become so addicted that we can no longer comfortably use phones with smaller screen size. So my advice is if you don’t want to be bitten by the big screen bug, don’t touch the Note.


The questions keep popping up. What will be the largest screen size a phone will go? And given the latest trend in tablets, what will be the smallest tablet size? Are we heading for a convergence?


What do you say?



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