Perfection is in the hands of the Android user..

The other day, I was sauntering along in a quiet neighborhood when I saw a curvaceous looking Toyota Corolla saloon car parked, with a sticker occupying a vantage location on its boot, saying my Toyota is fantastique

Toyota is of course reputed for its refined engineering, cheap maintenance cost and unwavering reliability.Toyota owners are often quite deliriously happy and passionate about their vehicle (forget the recent recalls).

The same passion is what I have for my smartphone, running android. On seeing this sticker eulogizing Toyota, What immediately came to my mind is the equivalent..

my smartphone is fantastique

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This also reminds me of this post which asserted that you can not have a perfect smartphone. I disagree, and said that much in this comment..

Like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, perfection is in the hands of the phoneholder.

Of course the perfect phone exists. This poster wrongly assumes perfection is about monster processors (I don’t play high graphics games), ultra anorexic profile (my phone is not an object d’art, thank you) or jaw dropping cameras (I don’t care about Photography).

The perfect phone is one that runs on the right platform that allows you extract all the functionalities of that phone – via apps.

And I have such a perfect phone. The two year old Tecno Phantom AIII, runs Android, affords me the right mix of apps to do everything I want, without stress.

Yes, my phone is fantastique, and I may yet write a post on this perfect (for me) phone..

Well, here is that post, extolling the virtues of my smartphone, and encouraging people to make better use of their smart device. If it cannot or has not been done on Android,it probably can’t be done anywhere.

People sometimes complain of the power, camera or volume buttons failing on their smartphone (they are mechanical, after all).

I run Android, and you may want to have a look (again?) at A man of zero parts to see how the buttons on my phone have gone on permanent holidays. They would likely never fail, because they are simply hardly ever touched.

That’s the power of apps, on Android.

Photo courtesy -

Photo courtesy –

The day starts with the phone switching itself on at a specific time (it also switches itself Off at night at a specific time I specified)

The phone has a six inches diagonal screen, so this is good for my aging eyeballs. It is light, anorexic and has reasonably good battery life.

With the help of a couple of exposed modules running under the eXposed Framework of this rooted phone,I can do practically anything on the phone. Let’s not even talk of Custom ROMs.

The following are some examples of things I can do with this facility.

-I only need to tap the notification to scroll to the topmost part of any list (like in Whatsapp, RSS feed reader and my twitter client).

I can swipe on the notification to the left or to the right to decrease or increase the screen brightness. At any time. I can do me tap on the notification to lock the screen.

Have a(nother?) look at Make a gesture,it could save your life! for more elaborate swiping convenience and information.

The power is right in your hands, as long as you are on the right mobile platform (Android)

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photo courtesy –

This Android based smartphone allows a ubiquitous pop-up dictionary, a few keyboard apps (like Ai.Type Keyboard) that allow undo /redo, numerous text editors that implement undo/redo, innumerable app choices in imaginable and unimaginable app categories.

With automation apps like AutomaGic or Tasker, coupled with power of rooting and the eXposed Framework, you can simply be more, and do more with an Android device, than on any other platform. No contest.

Yes, the perfect phone in front is an android. And it is right here with me.

And yes my smartphone is fantastique

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