People-The Bedrock Of Institutions.

There is this eternal controversy about which comes first in the chicken-and-egg situation like you have with the Character /Competence supremacy  contestations.

Institutions or Humans?? Which drives what?

We keep hearing about a cornucopia of high_sounding words like:

institutional frameworks
policy documents
capacity building
masterplans, blueprints

etc, etc…

We keep hammering on the need for ‘institution’, ‘structure’ , ‘processes’. It is like talking about an Apple Corporation with all the processes, statutes and blueprints in place – without the right drivers.. that behemoth would crumble in no time.

Late Dora Akunyili or NAFDAC ,  and Nuru Ribadu of EFCC are very good examples of how the humans driving  institutions are very pivotal to the success / failure of that institution.

Since these two people vacated the institutions they were heading, how much waves have those institutions generated since? The inference of course is .. while you may have processes and structures,  it still takes human beings to maintain those processes and operate within the ambit of those structures otherwise the institutions themselves will be ineffective.

Ever seen a car without a driver? Even the best self_driving vehicle still needs the right people, with the right mindset – to program it and provide logistics, and other support.

The human element is the most critical element / component, far and above nebulous theoretical concepts like ‘Institution’ especially in a place like Nigeria where almost everybody with power has the propensity to misuse / abuse for personal (political / financial) gains. .

There is no denying the necessity  for structures /institutions,  but there is no city without humans, and no institution works with the wrong set of criminals at the helms. So I would rather work on the building block of Institutions first – humans , and stop putting the cart before the horse by focusing on institutions that are usually predicted on the topshot ..

Where I come from it is said  that:

The child, that you do not build up will the one that will sell the buildings that you do put up.

The National Assembly is an institution, but do they always act in our best interest?  Are their individual interests (and those of political cronies) not almost always above that of our collective good?

Someone took the time to put this together… it paints a graphic picture.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Danjuma Goje Accused of mismanaging N25bn state funds by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Stella Oduah Accused of diversion of N3.5bn by the EFCC Where is she now: Senate Orji Uzor Kalu Accused of mismanaging N7.65bn state funds by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Rochas Okorocha Accused of mismanaging state funds by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Gabriel Suswan Accused of mismanaging N3.1bn state funds by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Ike Ekweremadu Accused of conspiracy, money laundering and other illicit dealings by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Ifeanyi Ubah Accused of N43bn subsidy fraud by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Ibrahim Shekarau Accused of N950m GEJ Campaign fund mismanagement by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Theodore Orji Accused of mismanaging N27bn state funds by EFCC Where is he now: Senate Abdul Aziz Yari Accused of questionable payment of N19 billion from the London-Paris Club refund; N35 billion spent on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs); Ecological and Stabilisation Fund and mismanagement of N151,190,477,572.02. Where is he now: Senate Ibikunle Amosun Accused of stockpiling 1,000 AK47 and 4 million bullets Where is he now: Senate Godswill Akpabio Accused of mismanaging N100bn state funds by the EFCC Where is he now: Federal Minister Chimaroke Nnamani Accused of mismanaging N5.3bn state funds by the EFCC Where is he now: Senate Dino Melaye Accused of illegal possession of arms, gun-running and sponsoring hoodlums in Kogi State. Where is he now: Senate

Of course being accused of a crime does not mean the person is guilty of that crime but it is curious that so many people accused of financial and other wrongdoings are the ones populating a critical institution like the Senate.

Get the right folks into an institution (say police), and see how this incessant talk of institution pales into irrelevance / obscurity! 

If You Have The Wrong People In An Institution That Institution Cannot Be Right. The Institution Built On A Shaky Foundation (Wrong Humans) Cannot  Endure, Neither Can The One Built With Saliva Stand The Test Of Time . 

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