Ostriches Don’t Make Good Leaders

This appears to be a week of outlandish (or, minimally questionable statements / actions from some of our government / public officials


… we have the case of the Deputy Senate President of the federal Republic,  Ike Ekweremadu who said Nigeria should resist the sale of electric vehicles because we are an oil producing country.

As Oil Producers, We Should Frustrate Sale Of Electric Cars In Nigeria —ekweremadu

Oh really?

You Can Get The Full Gist Here.

Someone opines, 

We are truly in trouble with the quality of the thinking of the leaders who govern us..

So because oil is our chief income earner, and is the lifeline of our economy, we should put our heads in the sand and ignore the electric vehicles (EV)  revolution?

What about the issue of global warming and the health implications ?  See how hot the weather is?

Now compare this kind of thinking of another country with pedestrianism manifested here.

Saudi’s Sovereign Fund To Invest In Giant Clean Power Unit

That’s an oil producing country like Nigeria.

Also compare with,

New York City Bill Requiring Buildings To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Is World’s First

And you can see the difference in thinking is like night and day,  regarding the Senate’s rejection of the Ben Murray-Bruce’s Bill on Electric Vehicles and Ikweremadu’s unfortunate comment.

That is difference between a developing and non_developing country.

I wrote an article,  Make Haste While The Oil Dries. Clear, the folks one Senate cannot even understand the existential threat to having your head stuck in the sand, and the danger short term views of things.

Someone else commented,

Since Ekweremadu’s statement seems to be echoed by the House at large, even government itself could frustrate the efforts of individuals or corporate bodies to fix electricity in this country.

If electricity were to be fixed and becomes regular,  Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption would suddenly become attractive, and that would run counter to governments thinking.

Those with vested interest in things like oil and importation of generators may lobby to frustrate efforts of non-governmental bodies to fix electricity in the country

Another responded, 

This is so sad.

You can see the quality of the lawmakers we have. Frustrate the sale of electric cars in Nigeria because we’re an oil producing nation?

Oh yeah?

Instead of them to worry about what to do when the whole world is driving electric cars and nobody is buying our oil anymore,  they have their heads firmly stuck in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. .

I weep for this country with the caliber of people we have representing us.


the news says,

armed banditry, corruption and Kidnapping can be addressed through prayers… Gov Simon Lalong

That is the Governor of Plateau State,  waxing religious instead of proffering practical solutions to tackle the malaise bedeviling his people.  Pray,  how can prayer solve the problem of kidnapping and d banditry.?? .

You have the opportunity to get properly annoyed at reading the details here.

Et tu, Simon? 

Is prayer The Key to all problems or actually A Clog ?


.. and the last,

VC Of Ebonyi State University Names A New Building The School After Biuratai, The Chief Of Army Staff

Based on the ongoing weight of allegations against the CAS, naming anything after him right now doesn’t seem like a particularly brilliant move to make.

But then., there we have it.

Let us not forget the Minister of Agriculture (Audu Ogbeh)’s Pizza Statement and the controversy and Mockery It Elicited.

Public officials regularly make statements or moves that expose their asynchronicity with the mood of the nation. Or, that demonstrate that they lack international exposure to know what is happening on a global level.

It is fervently hoped that there would be some major changes to the federal (and state!) cabinets that would positively impact the quality of governance in the country.

We have elected people to (wo)man political positions. Let us hope those elected would appoint the right people to pilot the ship of state at the different levels, aright.


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