I am sure news like the above are very common, and we could easily produce hundreds or thousands of similar instances of insensitivity in the way rulers and leaders squander our money on total frivolities. This is not peculiar to Nigeria and is rather prevalent in poverty stricken Africa. Stories like 11 Super Cars Worth Over N3bn Belonging To Vice President Of Equatorial Guinea Seized By Swiss Authorities would generally elicit a nonchalant shrug from most Africans. Ordinary Joes are bemused, look on in wonder and simply hope, wish or pray they can pull stunts like these, some day, somehow. But do we ask ourselves how right it is for those who are supposed to preside over our affairs, going for the best available in luxury, using taxpayers’ money? In an environment where minimum wage is ₦18,000 per month, and many state governments are behind in salary payment, or struggle to pay? We have infrastructural deficit everywhere we look, and a state governor would travel abroad,  spend in a week and collect estacodes that would conveniently pay one months salary of his staff?  He would go about with long convoys of SUVs,  a retinue of indolent Assistants and Advisers, wasting taxpayers’ money. And we siddon look? Let’s not even go in the direction of our flamboyant new age Pastors who acquire private jets with congregants’ money, float universities that the same congregants cannot afford to send their children to, and wear the latest designer suits and rock & roll on wonder on wheels,  gallivanting from one exotic location to another,  all paid for with church money . And we  glorify God for His abundant blessings on their lives? I don’t understand why we don’t demand better, as Nigerians. The people in the National Assembly are said to be some of the highest paid government officials known to mankind. Toning down on extravagance in a recession is alien to their lexicon. They would lodge in the most expensive hotels, pamper themselves with the highest creature comforts known to man,  while presiding on a pauperized citizenry. And we keep ululating!  Does anyone give a hoot? There is nothing intrinsically wrong in going for the best things money can offer, if it is your personal money, and it is done with some tact. How would it look like for numerous people to struggle to survive daily while one man fritters away money on frivolities like a gold plated drone for $15,000, a figure that would turn around the lives of numerous jobless graduates.?

Can We Say The Reason There Is Appalling Poverty In Many Part Of The World Is Because Too Few Have, And Would Likely Continue To Have Too Much Access To Too Much Resources, And Would Rather Circulate That Among Those Few?

When you spend good money on inanities, you would likely be doing that making the rich even richer. Yes, you can spend your money how you wish, but I just keep wondering as a fresh graduate, on my first job, I once challenged by boss who was in the habit of not paying salaries on time, but would give a girlfriend what amounted to my whole salary, to squander, over the weekend. He would spend on pizza for friends my entire leave allowance for the year. He would repaint his car completely whenever there is a minor scratch or dent, but would tell you there are no funds when you need to claim your legitimate medical allowance to defray funds spent in a hospital. I only worked there for a fee months, before saying, enough is enough.  Why Nigerians, with their struggles and suffering would continue to allow all these excesses from those who rule them is completely strange. We certainly seem to have a high tolerance for bullshit,  while running to God to solve problems we should frontally tackle by ourselves. Walahi!

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