On The Road To Ganfoldo

is a novel by Robert Ludlum. I am borrowing that title to illustrate Nigerians tortuous road to our GanFoldo, aka “Promise Land”

Someone says with acerbic and fatalistic sarcasm,


Dubai announced that 25% of transportation will be driverless by 2030Conversely, Nigerian Science & Tech Minister says Nigeria will start producing its own pencils by 2018


Here are the stories…

25% of transportation will be driverless by 2030

Ogbonnaya Onu, the minister of science and technology, says Nigeria will start producing its own pencils in another two years

pencilsPerhaps you notice a difference in ambition? Different countries, different strokes?

It is often said that your attitude would determine your altitude. Perhaps we could also add that the size of your ambition would determine your mileage?

There have been several embarrassing comments by Ministers in this administration, ranging from the Minster of Finance 16 + 6 = 24 brouhaha, the Minister of Interior saying that the government is roughly spending N14,000 for a three-square meal of each prisoner per day. (showing an appalling lack of grasp of the Nigeria economic situation.. where minimum MONTHLY wage is in the neighborhood of what the minister claims is being spent on prisoners DAILY).

Let us not forget about this other one by the former Minister Of State for Petroleum saying He Had Not Been Trained To Be A Magician And That Nigerians Ought To Be Thankful For The Amount Of Fuel He Had Made Available In His Short Spell As Minister

dubaiA minister talking down on the people he is meant to serve? (Now, that Minister has been replaced by a non “son of the soil” Northerner who many find it difficult to build urgent bridges….bridges between the burgeoning militant groups and the federal government).

You also had the Minister of Transportation saying that he never knew that the railways means of transportation still existed in Nigeria. SEVEN months after his appointment as minister of transportation

Then the Minister of Science & Technology with this small pencil like projection for Nigeria..

With people like these directing the state of things in the country, coupled with the numerous flipflops in government policy, how much hope do we have that things will get better really soon ?

The only minister that inspired hope from his performance as immediate past governor of Lagos State, Super Minister Babatunde Raji Fashola, has been strangely quiet in over one year handling the tri Ministries of Power, Works and Housing.

Perhaps giving three sensitive ministries to a single person to administer was an ill advised step, after all? Perhaps, being a workaholic, a pusher of innovation and having a spirit of patriotism is not enough to shoulder these three heavyweight ministries? After all, he is only human. Time would tell.

Just wondering… When we will really start feeling that things are improving apace in this country..

Perhaps you share my worries?

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  1. Steve
    August 7, 2016 at 9:32 am

    These issues are really to be worried about. The utterances and performances of these ministers leave little to be desired. I am really worried for this administration. I sincerely pray they would get their acts together quickly and get the country moving in the right direction. They have good intentions no doubt and they do not appear to be corrupt. But these qualities of need to be complemented with performance in the economic front.
    This government should wake up or the sharks will come back and sink us back and deeper into the muddy waters.

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