The Care Of Human Life And Happiness, And Not Their Destruction, Is The First And Only Object Of Good Government. –Thomas Jefferson

The screaming headline read:

Outrage As 7-year Old Boy Is Lynched In Lagos For Stealing Garri

People were callous enough to actually stand by, and even record this! If you have a stomach made of iron, the video is actually online of a child being killed while Nigerians watched and were calm enough to record the whole thing. What manner of unfeeling animals have we become? We have had other numerous cases of jungle justice; Some of them are:

Woman Tortures 8-year-old Maid, Puts Pepper In Her Private Part For Stealing Food,

Deeper Life Member Killed In Kano Over Alleged ‘Blasphemy’Christian Accused Of Blasphemy, Beaten To Death In Kano, Nigeria

Lynching Four UniPort Students Backlash That Shook The Garden City I once wrote about The Supremacy Of Religion Over Law and wondered if We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers, and additionally asked if We Need To Take The Andrew Option To Stay Alive In This Country In many of these mob actions, you hardly ever hear of anything happening to the perpetrators. It is saddening it has to be said, though, that an effective judiciary may palliate such barbarism. If you know the law will deal with you if you take laws into your hands, we are unlikely to keep having these extra judicial attacks / killings.

Additionally, people sometimes resort to self help if legal justice is mostly elusive. If you have a serious case against someone, whose triumph is often a matter of who has more cash to give to the police / judge. This happens right from the police station, where the accuser can easily become the accused. A cash and carry situation!

efcc-mockThe police often release people once cash changes hands. Open secret. The recent scandals rocking the judiciary of highly placed Judges indicted of taking bribes, and being arraigned merely cements the public perception that justice is not meant for the common / poor man. A cash and carry judiciary means there is no more hope for the common man, as “The Judiciary Is The Last Hope Of The Common Man”.

If the citizens have serious confidence in the dispensation of justice, most of these things will  diminish in rampancy. In the specific case of the seven-year old beaten to death for petty stealing in the full glare of the public, the Local Government Chairman in that area, or the Local King/Chiefs should be made to pay for this / fish out the culprits.

Also those that could be identified in the online pictures and videos should be charged to court, to face adequate punishment. That way, the pervasive cases of descent into animalistic behavior is frontally tackled and nipped in the bud.

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