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It was a lovely morning on the 19th of this month went I first heard the news that come 2015, NYSC will have only two batches (may & sept). My friend Thelma who is awaiting service (and sees nothing good in Nigeria) saw this as another reason to despise residing in our great country. I just couldn’t understand the logic try as I may.

Two batches ago, it was discovered that corpers were still sent to states of unrest and terrorism despite their claim to keep southerners in the south, easterners in the east and westerners in the west. The terror of the ‘bkhm’ group has extended into other states and is not limited to just one northern state, but call up letters are still sent for such states. ‘You sure say one leader somewhere no dey carry the blood of fallen otondos do jazz ni?’

The concerned masses didnt quite recover from that scenario when they hit us again with compulsory #4000 to receive call up letter by mail. “Sumbori” in NYSC is looking for how to ‘hammer’ o. I mean, 4000 big ones!!! For what? Its not even an engraved certificate that’ll arrive by overnight mail to every state and eligible corper on the same morning o. Its a letter by mail that you’ll still use your data, printer, ink and paper to get. Did I miss the memo? Isn’t gmail free anymore? Wouldn’t it have been the logical thing to send these letters by mail from time immemorial? OK, now that they’ve finally woken up, why charge an exorbitant fee to carry out your responsibility? Thank God senate is sitting on that issue sha. Of course,who knows if David M. didn’t do the math of how much NYSC will be loothing when you consider the number of students in each tertiary institution and is just looking for a way for him and his ‘goons’ to share in the loot. God help us!

Then there’s still this unexplainable issue of two batches next year.10885382_1518722631736736_2114788832161927381_n
That was the official tweet. No explanation, no justification, ‘nurrin’! I tried to figure it out myself but I couldn’t. We all know camps are crowded. Theres never enough space or enough lodges or enough anything. So why reduce the number of batches instead of doubling it and creating more amenities? Last batch corpers who were posted to states of great unrest had to wait to use camps of neighbouring states one month after the official nationwide camp date. Obviously, the facility could not take them all. We understand. I’m still waiting on the edge of my seat for the justification of the “two batches only” development because I’m quite ready to conclude that NYSC really doesn’t over much compared to the stress of “serving your country” for a full year.

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