“ I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.

Woody Allen

The question is, does Woody know what he is talking about?

In this writeup, I shall restrict ‘sex’ to mean ‘heterosexual sex’ only.

These days, in this our over-sexualized society, we tend to believe sex is something. people cannot to without.

If you listen to the television set, browse the internet, you read about numerous cases of celebrities being accused of sexual impropriety. And you just wonder, are these things making news only because they are celebrities, or humans are simply randy? Is it that, when a man is not subject to punishment (has impunity mindset, or immunity – like the case of celebrities, soldiers, etc) his primal nature of ravishing anything in a skirt comes forcefully to the fore?

Despite this, many people believe sex is overrated, and choose to become abstinent after years of an active sex life. Sometimes these are single people and sometimes they are people who live in a relationship. This is certainly not what the steamy sexualized world would glamorize, but cases like this abound .

What drives some people to opt for the Joys Of No Sex? Why abstain when you can partake?

The reasons that push some people to adopt this way of life are varied.

Looking at Japan, for example, where the population is dwindling, and the citizens are generally apathetic to relationships and sex, we can say,

Factors encouraging a lack of interest in sex / marriage include a lack of a religious authority that ordains marriage and family life, the country’s precarious earthquake-prone ecology that engenders feelings of futility, and the high cost of living and raising children.

We could say this is peculiar to a country like Japan.

Here are some of the most common other reasons for people distancing themselves from rampant sex :


For people who are gay or lesbian, their sexual orientation may make them have zero interest in conventional sex.


There is indeed a certain percentage of the population who do not feel the need to have sex to feel fulfilled. They may simply have a low libido, or vé too busy achieving (Like Elon Musk of Tesla) to have time to even think about sex. These people can be active, happy and perfectly in harmony with themselves and others … without sex. Maybe they have already tasted this like everyone else, but realized over time that they did not need it!


It may seem old-fashioned nowadays, but there are still people, men and women, who are fervently religious (whatever their religion – monks and nuns come to mind ) and who choose to remain abstinent if out of wedlock. Some others have been married for several years, and the demise of their spouse (divorce or widowhood) pushes them to relegate their sex life to the background.


After one or more relationships that hit the rocks, you can decide not to want to invest in a relationship as a way to protect oneself for the future. That could lead them to transmute the sex energy into other non_biologically productive activities!


Sometimes you become so disgusted with the pervasive sexualized raunchy, randy image of movies, magazines and the social media in general that you choose to distance yourself from it … to prove to yourself (and to others) ) that sex is far from being the most important thing in life.


It can happen that our partner is not able to make love because of too much pain, erectile dysfunction, (spinal) paralysis, drugs that kill libido etc.
Out of love, the other partner can decide to accept the situation and remain faithful despite everything, even the deprivation of intimacy.


In some relationships, sexuality may have been important in the past, but it no longer seems central to well-being.
These people focus their relationship on tenderness, dialogue, spirituality and companionship. This may work well for them, provided that the two are on the same page regarding this.

Sexuality, no matter how one perceives it, is part of everyone’s private sphere and should therefore be accepted without (public) judgment. Living without being sexually active is not a blemish or necessarily a symptom of something being (psychologically / physically) wrong. Despite human beings still have a lot of work to do in terms of tolerance for difference, it is important to learn to respect everyone in their choices, as long as it does not interfere with ours., or society’s long-term well-being /survival.

No; Sex Is Not An Open Wound.

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