Nokia X Is Smooth & Elegant – The First Look


We got our hands on the Nokia X Dual Sims two days ago and while just 48 hours might not be exactly enough to settle down and do a proper review on a phone, we might as well bring you a peek at the phone. The first look.  A kind of quick review. A panoramic view you might want to call it. But believe me, this phone is a beauty to behold and handle.



Nokia X Dual Sims phone is a beauty. I got the red one and it is really beautiful. Who says Nokia is finished. They sure still have that ability to make good and solid hardware. The first thing that claims your attention is the way the back cover is built. It is like a case or box with an open front into which the main body of the phone enters and fits snugly giving an impression of a unibody build.

One thing that strikes you is the time it takes the phone to complete the initial charge after connecting the phone to the mains using the supplied charger. Rather too long for a mere 1500mAh battery but a full charge lasts over 24 hours with regular use. Once the charge completes, the phone unit we got boots up on its own and the basic set up begins. No big deal and not complex like the core Android phone’s initial setup. Just the language set up and a quick walk through on how to use the phone. This is great because the quick guide that came with the phone is more or less useless. Doesn’t give you much information on how to use the phone other than call making and messages.


You have a lock screen which displays the time, the day and the date on a beautiful background swipe this sideways like you do in Asha phones and you come to the beautiful tiles which serve as both the home and menu screen. The tiles are your apps. They scroll up and down and can be rearranged as you like mixing beautiful colours. A swipe down from top of the phone reveals connectivity menu while a swipe up from the bottom of the phone in any menu brings you options for that menu or app.

Screenshot_2014-03-30-22-23-27     Screenshot_2014-03-30-22-24-21   Screenshot_2014-03-30-22-24-52


The Android in Nokia X

This is an Android in Windows + Asha skin if you ask me. It uses apk apps and the Nokia store has many apps to choose from. Many of these apps are also on the google play store.  You can send apps via Bluetooth from an Android phone and install on the Nokia X once you have enabled the option to install from unknown source. First thing I installed was Flashshare and from here transferring apps and media between Nokia X and my Phantom A3 became a breeze. Nokia, unlike Apple, Microsoft, or even Google, makes life simple for you.

Screenshot_2014-03-28-23-41-22Knowing that the Nokia store is not robust yet, you are given the choice of installing and searching other markets or stores when the app you are looking for is not in the store. Markets are even suggested for you.

File Manager

You will not find an inbuilt file manager on Nokia X like you have on Android phones but you can install one from the Nokia store or get one from an outside source. Astro file manager app comes preinstalled however, but it is a paid app with 15 days free trial for the full app with cloud support after which it reverts to regular basic file manager.

Storage and Memory

Nokia claims the Nokia X has an internal memory of 4Gb with support for external storage of up to 32Gb using a microSD card. However, we discovered that the total internal memory available to user is actually in the region of about 2.46Gb as seen in the screenshot below


The remaining internal space being taken up by the preinstalled apps.






Due to the heavy customization of the android source code, this phone brings a new and unique refreshing experience to the user. At a first glance, one will hardly recognize the android in the Nokia X. This to our mind, is a good thing and we wish Nokia had done this much earlier. Nevertheless, it is the beginning of a new trend in smartphone manufacture. It is an innovation started by Amazon in the Kindle series now taken to an exciting level by Nokia. The hardware also needs mentioning. Solid hardware. Beautiful body that fits well in the hand. Bold and exciting colours. Nokia is back on track with this one. We hope this new direction will not be killed by Microsoft.


We should not fail to mention the only downside we noticed in this phone. It lags a little when returning to the main menu after closing an app. This is not a deal breaker however as the user interface is good, and smooth. It is not unexpected given the fact that this phone comes with only 512mb RAM in spite of the heavy customization on a Jelly Bean Android core. Subsequent Nokia X-series phones will most likely correct this issue.


Nokia X being the first in the series of the new Nokia android type phones and proving to be so smooth and good, we expect more exciting phones from that stable. We are anxiously waiting for a 5 to 6 inch screen X-series using gorilla glass with minimum of 1Gb RAM.


So, which would you rather have?  A pure plain unexciting and limited android or an android customized and rebuilt all over to give a unique experience like we have in Nokia X.


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