Someone says,

Now that the Governor of Kano State – Ganduje – has been ejected from his governorship position, I suppose he would be in the dock for prosecution by May 30, 2019 – for his bribe taking captured on television.

We would not listen to any cock-and-bull story of “I don’t know the technology he used to escape arrest”.

Ganduje lost his bid for the Kano State Governorship Second Tenor.

You probably know about the Governor Ganduje ( disparagingly called GanDollar) Dollar Bribe_Taking Saga..

The Nigerian situation is a pathetic one.  Hopefully,  we shall get things right. Some day.  That is, the day when politics and juridical / moralistic issues are truly separated.  And we eschew partisanship and bigotry in addressing issues, both as followers and leaders.

GEJ has not even been invited ONCE to answer questions,  even as a witness. For a president who presided over a monumental fraud of an administration,  it is a deep travesty of Justice. 

I understand there is the Robert Mugabe Gentleman’s Agreement of non prosecution

The Bank Thieves who ran banks aground years ago (and even recently) are all being treated with kids gloves. Taxpayers money are used to plug up the big holes that these thieves create in the balance sheets of their banks.

Bank directors granting loans to themselves, knowing they wouldn’t pay back, writing these off as bad loans.

.. And no one whimpers.

This is systemic corruption.

In sane climes,  an IBB would have minimally appeared before a court of law to answer to some charges.

But we all pretend that all is well,  and that an administration would magically reverse what’s a national wheel _lubricant  –  corruption (both intellectual and actual)!

No former President or ex President has ever been charged to court,  or invited to answer to questions In a court of law. .  not in Nigeria.

Is it because they are all Saints? If they are all Saints,  how did corruption become so entrenched in our societal fabric? .

Legality is subservient to politics here. 

Farouk Lawal of the Oil Subsidy Scam receiving $600k and captured on camera is there. He wasn’t even suspended from the House for a second! 

Institution my foot

Several other corruption allegations /cases are all over the place in the dozens, and scores. In most cases,  nothing happens eventually.

Political buttons would be pressed,  and everything dies an unnatural death!

Tokenist and selective focus on discrete corruption cases when politically expedient is not going to dent anything in the country. We need a more wholesome approach to rejecting corruption, not just when it allows us score cheap political points.

Like JK,  we are Just Kidding if we think it would.

A society that is selective in the administration of justice based on political connections, social / wealth status is merely encouraging anarchy. Those down there that feel oppressed could resort to self-help..

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. is an assertion by the PIGS who control the government in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

Nigerians should elevate themselves to a level higher than that of PIGS and uniformly apply justice to citizens. No one should be above the laws of the land.

This is the day we would start making progress as a nation.

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